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How to Create a Wine Room at Home

Have you always dreamed of having your own wine room? Whether you have a huge basement waiting to be transformed into a cellar or a small unused corner in your kitchen, there are plenty of ways to add wine storage in your home! Below, we share ideas for how to set up, design, and organize a wine room.

Where to Create a Wine Room

When it comes to setting up your home wine room, consider the most important factors of wine storage.

  • Temperature: Your wine storage room should be between 45 and 65 degrees (55 is the optimal temperature) with a humidity level between 50% and 80% to protect your collection.
  • Lighting: Direct sunlight is bad for wine, so avoid rooms with lots of windows. Ideal areas for storing wine are dark spaces like basements, pantries, closets, enclosed cabinets, and drawers.

If you plan to store wine for a long period of time, you’ll need a place with little light, enough humidity to keep corks moist, and cool temperatures. If, however, you plan to drink your wines within the next year or two, many are fine to store in main living areas. Here are some ideas for creating your perfect space!

Build a Basement Wine Cellar

Expansive Wine Cellar in Home Basement. Photo by Instagram user @winfreydesignbuild
Photo via @winfreydesignbuild

Basements are ideal for home wine cellars since their temperatures are typically cooler. Transform the whole basement into the ultimate wine storage space with a custom cooling system and built-in cabinets. Working on a smaller budget or with a tiny downstairs space? Pick a small corner or wall in your basement instead, where you can add budget-friendly DIY wine racks and a small fridge for chilled wines.


Design a Kitchen Wine Pantry

Wine Bottles Stored on the Wall of the Kitchen. Photo by Instagram user @creativehousedesigninterior
Photo via @creativehousedesigninterior

Building a wine room in the kitchen is convenient for storing and displaying your collection. A walk-in pantry is an excellent spot to set up wine storage, as this area is out of the way and doesn’t get as much sunlight. Don’t have a full pantry? Use a kitchen island, kitchen cabinets, or a nearby closet instead!

Turn a Flex Space into a Wine Room

Wine Bottles Stored on the Wall of a Flex Space in Home. Photo by Instagram user @boldproperties
Photo via @boldproperties

Do you have a bonus room at home you don’t know how to use? Turn it into a wine room! Take advantage of vertical space with floor-to-ceiling wine racks, cabinetry, or storage hutches. Use darker paint colors to mimic an underground wine cellar. Put up curtains to protect your collection from light. And don’t forget to install durable flooring that can handle the weight of the wine bottles!

Add Wine Storage in a Mudroom

DIY Wine Rack in a Mudroom. Photo by Instagram user @your_organized_life
Photo via @your_organized_life

Since mudrooms are generally close to the kitchen and have plenty of storage, they’re a great spot to set up a wine room. Install wine racks or storage drawers in your mudroom cabinets to store your wine. You can even incorporate a wine fridge to keep your white wines crisp and cold.

Store Wines in the Dining Room

Wine Bottles Hanging on Back Wall of a Dining Room. Photo by Instagram user @vintageview_usa
Photo via @vintageview_usa

Imagine hosting a dinner party and being able to choose the perfect wine from the dining room table! Make a statement with a custom wine wall complete with glass doors, temperature control, and floating racks. Or go with a cheaper alternative by building wine shelves into hutches, cabinets, or dressers.

Include Wine Storage in the Living Room

Wine Storage in Home Living Room. Photo by Instagram user @vintageview_usa
Photo via @vintageview_usa

Adding wine storage in the living room is not only a unique decor idea, but it also keeps all of your wines easily accessible whenever you’re entertaining guests at home. Turn wine storage into a work of art with custom wall-mounted racks, repurposed dressers, vintage bar carts, or modern bookcases.

Use the Space Under the Stairs

Wine Storage in the Basement Underneath a Staircase. Photo by Instagram user @lokalmente
Photo via @lokalmente

An under the stairs wine room is an excellent use of otherwise wasted space in your home. Carve out a mini cellar with a cooling system and glass doors for a luxurious look. Or keep it simple by installing stair cabinets or drawers to store your wine collection in a dark hidden space.

How to Design & Organize a Wine Room

Good design and organization will help your wine room look good and keep your collection safe. Check out the following ideas for building a space perfect for entertaining guests and showing off your bottles.

Install Durable Flooring

Wine Roomed with Paneled Flooring. Photo by Instagram user @jenniferpaccainteriors
Photo via @jenniferpaccainteriors

If you’re creating a wine room in an upper level in your home, be sure to install sturdy flooring. Hardwood, cork, and tile are all flooring options that provide both style and durability. Concrete flooring is a great choice in basements—just be sure to seal it to fight against moisture.

Separate the Area with Paint

Brown Wine Rack in White Room. Photo by Instagram user @meggoelz
Photo via @meggoelz

Is your wine collection out in an open space like a living room or dining room? Make it stand out with bold paint. Dark colors can mimic a wine cellar even in a bright upstairs room!

Decorate Walls with Wine Boxes

Wine Room with Walls Made out of Old Wine Boxes. Photo by Instagram user @philevans83
Photo via @philevans83

For a unique decorative touch, save the wooden panels with wine box logos and put them on the walls! Not only does this reuse the materials, but it’s also much easier than painting or tiling the walls.

Add a Tasting Table

Wine Room with a Wood Tasting Table in the Center. Photo by Instagram user @mercer.built
Photo via @mercer.built

Impress guests and make your wine room look polished with an island or narrow table that can be used for tastings. If the table includes storage for glasses, bottles, decanters, and chillers, that’s even better!

Make a Custom Credenza

Custom-Built Wooden Credenza Used to Store Wine Bottles. Photo by Instagram user @sommiwinecellars
Photo via @sommiwinecellars

Think of including furniture pieces in your home that can double as wine storage. Credenzas with beautiful finishes and vintage hardware can blend with existing decor in any room and provide hidden storage.

Opt for a Wine Cabinet

Wooden Wine Cabinet with Refrigerator Built In. Photo by Instagram user @uniquecustomfurniture
Photo via @uniquecustomfurniture

Cabinets designed specifically for wine storage can help you save space in a small home or wine cellar! They can both display and protect bottles while also offering storage space for glassware.

Store Wine in a Card Catalog

Card Cataglog Repurposed to Store Wine Bottles. Photo by Instagram user @salvagecrew
Photo via @salvagecrew

This clever wine storage hack is a great way to recycle vintage furniture! Take out the drawer dividers and use each drawer for a bottle or two, and stick a label to the front for each drawer to keep your collection organized. You can also store wine glasses, coolers, and decanters on top!

Create DIY Wine Racks

DIY Wine Rack with Glasses Hanging Underneath. Photo by Instagram user
Photo via

Increase kitchen storage and get crafty with DIY wine racks. This DIY wine holder is ideal in a modern wine room, while this DIY pallet wine rack is perfect for rustic decor!

Hang Wall-Mounted Racks Between Cabinets

Wall-Mounted Wine Rack. Photo by Instagram user @getstact
Photo via @getstact

Wall-mounted wine storage systems can be seamlessly incorporated with existing decor. Use every inch of available space with a mounted wine rack that can be installed between cabinets and in blank spaces.

Add Wine Drawers in Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet with Multiple Wine Drawers. Photo by Instagram user @marvel_cabinetry
Photo via @marvel_cabinetry

Pull-out wine drawers not only save space in cabinets, but they’re also a handy way to keep your wine accessible! In addition, they protect your wine from sunlight and dust while in storage.

Include Storage in an Existing Bar

Home Bar with Wine Storage. Photo by Instagram user @to_mimishousewego
Photo via @to_mimishousewego

An existing bar is a great place to store wine! Install cabinets with built-in wine storage drawers, or enhance existing cabinetry by adding wine racks and wall-mounted holders for glassware.

Frame the Fridge with Wine Storage

Wine Bottles Stored Alongside and Above Refrigerator. Photo by Instagram user @charliekinghamcabinetmakers
Photo via @charliekinghamcabinetmakers

Small space living means getting creative with storage. If your wine room will be part of your kitchen, build wine cabinets and racks around major appliances like the refrigerator to maximize vertical storage.

Organize with Wine Tags

Wine Bottles with Tags to Indicate When to Drink. Photo by Instagram user @wineenthusiast
Photo via @wineenthusiast

Especially if you have lots of bottles in your cellar, wine tags make it easy for you to scan your collection, distinguish between different reds and whites, and even leave notes for bottle expiration dates!

Color Code Storage Boxes

Wine Closet with Various Colors of Boxes. Photo by Instagram user @wine_corner
Photo via @wine_corner

Organize the type and style of your wines by color with storage boxes! Use the corresponding colors on wine storage boxes, drawers, or baskets to make finding your favorite vintage quick and easy.

No matter where you choose to store your wine, these creative wine room ideas will help keep your collection organized in style! Looking for other room design projects? Check out these kitchen remodeling ideas for more inspiration!


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