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Holiday ornaments in storage box

9 Holiday Decoration Storage Ideas

Part of decluttering around the holidays means putting holiday decor into storage! Proper seasonal decor storage can help keep your space clean, protect your items, and make setting up for future holidays easier. Check out these nine ways to organize and store your holiday decorations!

Declutter Old Decor

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Before you put away the stockings, tree toppers, and Christmas lights, make sure you go through all of your holiday decor and get rid of anything broken or unused from this year. Decluttering old items will minimize the number of holiday decorations you put into storage and save you some time next year when decorating your home!

Separate & Label Seasonal Decor in Storage Bins

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A simple home storage hack is to organize all of your decor by holiday! Be sure to label what’s inside the storage containers by occasion and decor type for easy identification. For example, put all Thanksgiving centerpieces, Halloween or Christmas inflatables, and 4th of July outdoor decor in separate bins to help prevent confusion when you are decorating for the holidays next year. Place items in stackable bins on a storage rack or use overhead ceiling storage for quick, convenient access.

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Get Creative with Containers

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You don’t have to buy expensive containers for holiday storage—take advantage of storage containers you already have! Try storing Christmas wrapping paper in a repurposed trash can or wicker basket. Keep all of your string lights or tree tinsel in an old suitcase. Or use magazine racks for organizing gift bags, stationery, and wall decals by season.

Utilize Hanging Door Storage

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Take advantage of the vertical space of your closet or storage room door by using hanging door storage! With a shoe organizer or hanging bins, you can easily store holiday ornaments, gift bags, door signs, wrapping paper, ribbons, and much more in an easy-to-access place.

Try Clear Garment Bags

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Not sure how to store larger holiday decor? Try garment bags! These bags can help protect your holiday decorations from damage and dust while in storage. Cover any festive wreaths, garlands, and door signs—and hang them on a rolling clothing rack to help protect your holiday decor year-round. Or maximize storage space while also providing extra protection for items like tree skirts and holiday tablecloths by storing them in vacuum-sealed garment bags!

Neatly Wrap Light Strands, Garland, & More

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When pulling holiday decorations out of storage, no one wants to deal with a bunch of tangled twinkle lights, streamers, garlands, and bead strands. Prevent tangling by neatly wrapping holiday decorations and storing them away. A piece of old cardboard works nicely for this purpose, especially for items like garlands and beads. Use extension cord wraps and storage hooks to keep extension cords neat and ready for use. And keep Christmas lights untangled with light storage reels or wrap them around clothes hangers.

Reuse Egg Cartons or Drink Carriers

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If you have small holiday decor that’s fragile and hard to store, try repurposing empty egg cartons or to-go drink carriers to help keep your decorations safe! This budget-friendly holiday storage idea is great for keeping precious Hanukkah ornaments, small glass pumpkins, Easter trinkets, holiday salt and pepper shakers, and other miscellaneous holiday decor items protected while in storage. Simply stack the drink carriers and egg cartons inside of storage containers to keep items neat and tidy. Be sure to wrap fragile holiday decorations in tissue paper, coffee filters, or bubble wrap for an extra layer of protection.

Organize Holiday Supplies with a Gift Wrap Cart

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An easy holiday storage idea to keep all of your supplies organized is having a mobile gift wrapping cart. Keep gift wrap, scissors, tape, holiday bows, ribbons, and more neatly stowed but easily accessible with drawers, hanging baskets, and utility hooks. If you need even more space for ribbon or holiday twine, try building a DIY ribbon holder that you can attach to your mobile wrapping station.

Keep Artificial Trees Upright

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Looking for an easy way to put away your artificial Christmas tree for the year? Keeping your tree stored in a vertical rolling Christmas tree storage bag can help it last longer, as there is less wear and tear from having to take it completely apart—and you can keep the Christmas lights on, as well! Plus, storing your tree upright will save you time next year when you are ready to decorate the tree with ornaments, beaded garland, and other holiday decor.


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