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A white door with a traditional pine wreath and red and gold ornaments is hanged on a white door of a house surrounded by snow

19 Ideas for Outdoor Holiday Decorations

It’s time to start preparing your home for the holidays! From hanging twinkle lights to setting up blow-up yard decor, here are 19 holiday decoration ideas for bringing the holiday spirit to the outside of your home!

Get Festive with Lights

Christmas lights on the edges of a house's roof and landscape at night. Photo by Instagram user @casadethompson

Photo via @casadethompson

Christmas lights are key to creating that postcard-perfect holiday home! Decorate with multicolored twinkle lights, incandescent string lights, or light-up snowflakes, candy canes, and more. You can hang the lights from the roof, wrap them around the railings, or line the windows. Just don’t forget to set them on a timer!

Hang Outdoor Greenery

Double front doors lined with garland and two wreathes hanging on the door windows. Photo by Instagram user @beyond_gray.

Photo via @beyond_gray

Add classic holiday staples by decorating the front door, railings, and windows with garland and other winter greenery! Adorn the door and windows with pre-lit garland or add bows to keep it simple. If you have a railing enclosing your porch, try wrapping evergreen pine garland around it for an elegant, wintery feel!

Opt for DIY Bows

Make your own outdoor DIY holiday bow! All you need is velvet ribbon, accent ribbon, and garden wire. Place the finished product on your door, window, wreath, garland, railings, or attach it to a light fixture for a fun and festive look! And don’t forget to accent the bow with mistletoe and bells for a little something extra!

Put Up a Wreath

Large wreath made of cranberries hanging on a front door. Photo by @randilynnblog.

Photo via @randilynnblog

When decorating the outside of your home for the holiday season, a wreath is a classic option! Keep your wreath traditional with balsam fir and pinecones or make a beautiful DIY berry wreath. For an eye-catching Hanukkah wreath, use wire, beads, and fairy lights. One of the best things about holiday wreathes is their versatility, so don’t be afraid to hang them on the front door, in windows, on light fixtures, or above your garage to complete your outdoor holiday look!

Don’t Forget the Window Box

Have a window box you use to plant spring flowers? Turn the empty planter into an outdoor holiday display! You can use a window box filler—or if you have a green thumb, you can make your own with spruce treetops, sticks, and pinecones. You can also add ornaments, lights, and bows. For that special touch, paint your window box with holiday colors like gold, silver, green, or red!

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Design Christmas Planters

Front porch planter stuffed with pine sprigs, evergreen sprigs, cranberry shoots, pinecones, a large bow, and ornaments. Photo by Instagram user @junealltrades.

Photo via @junealltrades

Welcome visitors to your porch with bright, colorful Christmas planters! Whether you have small or large pots, you can create an amazing DIY planter for the holidays. Use a mix of pinecones and winterberry for a classic holiday combination. For a rustic planter, use firewood, pinecones, and evergreens. Or place a mini potted Christmas tree on each side of your front door that you can decorate with string lights and ornaments!

Add a Holiday Door Hanger

Decorate your front door with a fun Christmas or Hanukkah door hanger! Choose door decor with festive colors designed around a holiday greeting—or if you’re feeling crafty, design your own DIY door hanger! Don’t want to hang anything on the front door? Make a jingle bell door hanger to attach to the door knob instead!

Welcome with a Doormat

A simple way to complete your outdoor holiday decor is to add a festive doormat! You can find doormats with holiday phrases ranging from greetings to cute jokes. Not only is this great for keeping the snow and salt outside, but it’s also a fun way to welcome guests into your house during the holiday season!

Display Poinsettias

Switch from pumpkins over to a classic winter plant: poinsettias! Simply place poinsettias on stairs leading up to your home, create poinsettia planters, or add poinsettias to garland and wreathes. Just make sure you cover them or bring them inside if temperatures get low!

Light Your Porch with Lanterns

Two bronze lanterns hold a candle outside. Photo by Instagram user @hegraycottage

Photo via @hegraycottage

Keep your porch warm and welcoming with festive holiday lanterns! Reuse lanterns you already own—just add a DIY lantern topper and a flameless candle to light up your holiday display! Or check out your local home improvement and decoration stores for lanterns of differing heights, designs, and shapes. You can even make your own lantern by using everyday household items or repurposing an old glass jar and wrapping wire around the top to secure it to hooks!

Bring the Presents Outside

Not only are presents perfect under the Christmas tree, but they would also look great as decorations on your front steps! With a little bit of wood, outdoor lights, and different ribbons, you can create DIY lighted holiday presents to set up among your outdoor holiday decor. Just make sure you don’t put actual presents outside!

Make Giant Ornaments

A front porch features two large DIY red ornaments saying "Merry Christmas" on either side. Photo by Instagram user @honeyandfitz.

Photo via @honeyandfitz

Spread Christmas ornaments throughout your yard, in your bushes, and hang them above your porch. With a little creativity, you can even turn beach balls into DIY giant ornaments! All you need is beach balls, spray paint, stamps, glue, a plastic pail, and wire to make giant outdoor ornaments.

Add Statues to the Porch

Bring the holiday spirit to your front porch with seasonal statues! Place life-size nutcrackers on either side of your door to guard your home from the Mouse King. Go the classic route with a Father Christmas statue or a rosy-cheeked Santa Claus. Or set up Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer to light the way inside!

Set Up a Vintage Sled or Wagon

A small red and wooden wagon sits on the front porch holding a mini, lit Christmas tree, cotton material, and other various holiday decor. Photo by Instagram user @my_irish_home.

Photo via @my_irish_home

Looking for a simple outdoor decor option for the holidays? Take a red wagon and load it up with presents, miniature trees, lights, and other holiday touches. Or if you have a vintage sled, decorate it with a Christmas bow, garland, and lights. Place the wagon or sled on your porch to complete your holiday look!

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Decorate Your Outside Seating

Have some fun with your porch, deck, or outdoor living space seating! Whether you have a bench, swing, or chairs around a fire pit, add plaid blankets and festive weatherproof holiday pillows to your space. Go the extra mile by adding string lights to benches and swings to create a beautiful nighttime look!

Invite the Reindeer

Create a gorgeous Christmas scene by placing light-up reindeer in your yard! Position them in a row to show them pulling Santa’s sleigh or group them next to trees or bushes to show the warmth of nature during the holiday season. The options are endless, so be sure to have fun when designing your reindeer scene!

Deck the Yard with Holiday Inflatables…

An easy way to decorate your yard for the holidays is with blow-up decor! Add an inflatable Santa with his reindeer. Go for blow-up dreidels that spin in the yard. Or go for a giant inflatable snowman! Keep in mind when setting up your inflatables that you’ll need to choose a flat surface, close all zippers, and anchor the inflatable to the ground so that it doesn’t blow away!

…Or Other Large Holiday Decor

At night, a large cut out of the classic Grinch tiptoes away from the house, stealing the Christmas lights. Photo by Instagram user @kitrae.

Photo via @kitrae

If your yard is big enough, try setting up a scene with your holiday decor! You can go with a solid (rather than an inflatable) Santa and his reindeer. You could recreate a scene from The Night Before Christmas. Or maybe you want to go nostalgic with The Grinch stealing presents. Or perhaps traditional with a nativity. Whether you purchase the objects online, in store, or create them yourself, this decor is sure to be a head-turner!

Create an Inviting Mailbox

As you’re decorating the outside of your home for the holidays, don’t forget the mailbox! Get creative with your mailbox by decorating it in ribbon, garland, ornaments, twinkle lights, and bows. Even the mail carrier will smile at the sight of your mailbox!


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