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Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

20 Ideas for Thanksgiving Home Decorations

Step up your fall decorating with homemade Thanksgiving centerpieces, autumn tablescapes, and seasonal decor. Here are 20 Thanksgiving decoration ideas to incorporate into your home before hosting your next Friendsgiving or family holiday party.

Choose a Fall Color Palette…

Welcome the fall season into your home with moodier tones. Fall color palettes traditionally include dark greens, dark purples, and deeper blues accenting oranges, reds, and browns. These earthy, warm tones reflect the changing leaves and are a great way to bring the feel of autumn inside during Thanksgiving. When trying this holiday decorating trend, let your home design style inform your color palette and stick to three to five colors. While Farmhouse and Cottagecore styles have more freedom to mix-and-match seasonal colors, the Modern and Minimalist aesthetics should opt for a monochromatic autumn hue. And jewel tones work well with Bohemian-style interiors.

…Or a Non-Traditional Color Scheme

If you want to switch it up but still get into the fall spirit, try more unconventional autumn color pairings this Thanksgiving. Paint traditional fall home decorations to put a more unique spin on the holiday. Whether you’re turning your pumpkins into pastel accents or creating Thanksgiving tablescapes with sophisticated neutrals, you’ll be sure to create an inviting home this season. But if you choose copper, gray, black, and other neutral tones as your main Thanksgiving decor pieces, your holiday decorations could work for almost any season of the year!

Decorate Your Porch

A Tudor-style home with pumpkins and other gourds arranged ornamentally around the porch and entryway. Photo by Instagram user @dollydallas1.

Photo via @dollydallas1

Fall porch decor is essential to making everyone feel welcome when they arrive at your home. To get guests into the giving spirit, greet them with layers of hay bales, planters, corn stalks, and pumpkins. Don’t be afraid to mix-and-match different sizes, shapes, and colors for symmetrical porch steps. Hang a fall wreath on your front door. Lay down a doormat with holiday phrases. Prop a wooden Thanksgiving sign against your house to kick off Thanksgiving Day. Another practical fall decorating idea is to include more porch seating—like extra chairs, a bench, or porch swing—so you and loved ones can comfortably watch the leaves change.

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Style Your Entryway

Keep your home’s holiday decor cohesive by extending your fall porch decor to your entryway! Since these spaces are typically smaller, don’t overdo it with Thanksgiving decorations—less is more. Instead of packing your foyer with large fall throw pillows, chunky blankets, and bulky seasonal decor, keep your fall entryway simple and functional. Have a leaf or pumpkin-shaped trinket dish on your entry table to catch keys. Hang a fall-colored coat from a hook as a subtle autumn decoration. Or rely on woven baskets for their natural texture and ability to hide shoes, bags, and other clutter from guests.

Bring the Outdoors In

In four-season areas, autumn means cooler temperatures, so bring in a touch of the outside indoors without the chill. Much like fall bouquets, adding plants to your Thanksgiving home decorations can bring color to neutral spaces. Plus, they help freshen the air and reduce stress levels over the holidays! While the Thanksgiving cactus is one of the most popular plants for this time of year, you can also include a Thanksgiving tree or fall plants like wheat, star anise, or corn husks into your Thanksgiving decor. If you want to DIY fall home decor, forage outside for acorns, pine cones, or sticks and branches to use as decorative accents in bowls, vases, garlands, and wreathes.

Include Warm Lighting

Table setting with pumpkins and other gourds being used as candleholders. Photo by Instagram user @toni_marianna.

Photo via @toni_marianna

Aside from fresh flowers and fall plants, lighting is key to setting the perfect mood for your home on Thanksgiving. Just like any home decor idea, layers are so important, so aim to include all three lighting types. If you use lighting correctly, it can also spotlight your holiday decorations! Include fairy lights in fall garlands and wrap them around your stair railings, outdoor porch swing, or any other places that need a little extra illumination at night. For cozier vibes indoors, replace lamp bulbs with amber lighting. Or tin-punched votive candles are an inexpensive way to add subtle brightness to your coffee table, bar cart, or even your mantel!

Incorporate Fall Scents

Don’t forget about other senses when planning your Thanksgiving home decorations! Make your space feel more relaxing and cozy for guests with scent scaping. This new interior decorating idea uses smells to enhance the atmosphere, and build strong emotions and memories in people. If you want your invitees to remember the holiday many years later, add a festive scent to your next Thanksgiving house party. Incorporate autumn decorations like cinnamon brooms, pumpkin spice candles, and fall potpourri bowls throughout your rooms.

Place Pumpkins Everywhere…

If you love pumpkins, this is the season for you! You can follow classic Thanksgiving decorating ideas like lining your porch stairs and Thanksgiving table with pumpkins. But there are other creative ways to use pumpkins, gourds, and squash in your home! Try different textures and materials—like knitting a pumpkin from yarn or DIYing paper pumpkins. Or if your kids aren’t old enough to carve pumpkins, an easy alternative is painting designs on artificial ones instead—a great DIY fall decor idea that can be reused year after year.

…Or Use Seasonal Produce as Fall Decor

One of the most iconic Thanksgiving decorations is the cornucopia. If you’d rather skip the horn of plenty, turn fall fruits and vegetables like pomegranates, pears, crabapples, and squash into a more modern Thanksgiving centerpiece. This edible holiday decoration takes up little space on your Thanksgiving table and can be easily removed if you need to make room for other dishes. And if not eaten, this eco-friendly fall decoration idea won’t harm the environment when thrown away.

Add Fall Bouquets

Though florals are usually associated with spring, bouquets can absolutely be used in fall decor! Build a bundle of mums, purple fountain grass, pansies, and other types of seasonal flowers as a pop of color for your fireplace, dining table, or entryway. When arranging your floral bouquet, be sure to stick to your fall color palette and include autumnal elements like pinecones or pampas grass.

Display Thanksgiving Crafts

Circular crafts with the imprints of pressed flowers hanging against a window. Photo by Instagram user @kirstiecrafts.

Photo via @kirstiecrafts

Thanksgiving is a fantastic time to test your DIY skills. On top of it being a relaxing and fun activity to do with your loved ones, you could also save some money on seasonal decor! While there are plenty of craft ideas for Thanksgiving, a simple one you could make that is perfect to decorate your walls is a paper turkey. Make your own fall mason jar craft as a Thanksgiving decoration idea that doubles as a party favor to give to your guests. Display your crafting skills on your front door with a DIY fall wreath. Or decorate your fireplace mantel with a handmade gratitude banner or a garland of fall leaves hanging down from each side of it.

Cozy-Up Your Living Room

Since this common space is one of the most used rooms in your house over the holidays, it’s important to get the details just right! Create a small Thanksgiving centerpiece for your coffee table with a bowl or basket of mini pumpkins. Adding cute Thanksgiving throw pillows featuring turkeys, plaid prints, or fall leaves is another easy way to transition your living room to the holiday season. If you’re worried about seating guests in your small living room, consider using moveable stools and ottomans and store them under the coffee table when not in use. And toss fall blankets over your couch—or style extra in baskets throughout the room—so your guests can quickly reach them.

Make a Fall Mantel

Your living room isn’t complete without fall mantel decor! You’ll want to style your fireplace so people can gather for warmth and share in the holiday spirit. This is the perfect place to display kids Thanksgiving crafts, wreaths, garlands, chalkboard art, lanterns, gratitude banners, and family photos. If you have a non-working fireplace but still want to get in on this Thanksgiving decorating idea, fill your hearth with chopped wood, candles, or pumpkins!

Create Elegant Fall Tablescapes

Neutral table with fall decor including pumpkins and other autumnal foliage as centerpieces. Photo by Instagram user @jennyreimold.

Photo via @jennyreimold

The best part of Thanksgiving decor is the table! Create beautiful Thanksgiving tablescapes by practicing hygge—a Danish lifestyle component prioritizing comfort and contentment. Prioritize cozy seating at the dinner table and lean into your home’s imperfect details. This means that your fall table setting doesn’t have to be exactly symmetrical and you don’t need to use fine china—in fact, these holiday decorations can make your space feel too formal and stuffy. Instead, reimagine your home’s fall decor by repurposing a blanket as a fall table runner, displaying a family heirloom, or using fall foliage around plates.

Arrange Thanksgiving Table Centerpieces

Centerpieces are your table showstopper since they’re the focal point of your Thanksgiving decor. When creating a fall centerpiece, remember to layer your pieces with different textures, sizes, and shapes. Keep your decor elements at a lower height to help your guests see each other across the table. Avoid fragrant flowers that might overpower your food or be irritating to guests. Display a bowl of apples or clean pine cones for a simple twist on a traditional floral arrangement. Or utilize lanterns as a timeless Thanksgiving table centerpiece for Rustic and Contemporary home styles.

Set the Table with Fall Linens

An autumnal table setting with a wicker placemat and a plate with a decorative napkin on top. Photo by Instagram user @whitneytjensen.

Photo via @whitneytjensen

Want to add a personalized touch to your Thanksgiving decorations? Make your own pressed leaves fall tablecloth or design a coloring tablecloth to keep the kids busy before your big meal. If you don’t need the coverage of a Thanksgiving tablecloth and want to show off a bit of your beautiful dining table, lay down a fall table runner! These don’t have to be DIY, as you can choose from traditional autumn prints, patterns, and colors. Whether you’re DIYing cloth napkins or going with hassle-free paper fall napkins, don’t be afraid to mix-and-match patterns to achieve a lived-in look! You could even repurpose a plaid tablecloth to make Christmas stockings or a tree skirt for the next holiday.

Remember Small Table Details

A small table with plates, candles, and fall-themed decor accents. Photo by Instagram user @june_and_dot.

Photo via @june_and_dot

When it comes to holiday decorations, some small Thanksgiving decor pieces can help tie your table together and create the perfect finishing touches to your design! Include taper candles to add subtle height to your table. Add handwritten place cards with your guests’ names to make your invitees feel special. Place fall linens in napkin rings to bring a different color or texture to your table setting. Stash mini pumpkins, acorns, or pine cones into the gaps of your fall tablescape to make your remaining space feel fuller.

Build a Seasonal Drink Station

There’s more to Thanksgiving than just food! Drinks are just as important, so make sure your home has a fall bar cart—whether alcoholic or not! A fall drink station gives you a place to stock up on your favorite seasonal beverages. Create a build-your-own cocktail bar with festive garnishes for drinks like sliced oranges, apples, and cinnamon sticks. Set up a fall coffee bar for a warm espresso or hot cocoa for the kids. Or make your own apple cider bar with a pumpkin punch bowl!

Opt for a Buffet Table

Food set out on a buffet table, including a turkey and several sides. Photo by Instagram user @rosen_plaza.

Photo via @rosen_plaza

If you have a large group visiting your home for the holidays, try serving Thanksgiving dinner buffet-style, where guests can help themselves to food whenever they want. This Thanksgiving table setting feels less formal and can make guests more comfortable. To set up your fall buffet table, scatter around harvest elements like gourds, garlands, and laurel branches. Leave plenty of room for dishes, too! Hot meals, side dishes, and large platters can be placed on your buffet table, but leave smaller trays and condiments like cranberry sauce and gravy on your dining table for easy access. To make your Thanksgiving decorations even more functional, consider labeling every dish—and list ingredients if your group has dietary restrictions.

Spice Up Your Guest Bedrooms & Bathroom

A guest bedroom with fall throw pillows and blankets on the bed and other fall decor throughout the space. Photo by Instagram user @rachelpuccetti.

Photo via @rachelpuccetti

If your guests are staying overnight, don’t forget to decorate the rooms they’ll be using. Follow the obvious steps to prepare your home for guests, like setting out extra towels, pillows, phone chargers, and toiletries. But also remember to add festive home decorations like a fall comforter, turkey-knitted pillowcases, seasonal artwork, and more. You might switch out your existing bath linens with autumn-patterned rugs and a shower curtain. Or add a mason jar vase with fall foliage on the vanity.


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