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Junk Room Decluttering & Organization Tips​

What started as a junk drawer or closet has now consumed an entire room of your home. Now what? It’s time to get a handle on your clutter. Don’t waste another day letting the mess grow and taking up space that could be your dream libraryoffice, or craft room. Follow these helpful tips for cleaning out your junk room so you can reclaim the space and get organized today!

Step #1: How to Start Decluttering

Often, the hardest part is deciding where to get started. If you’re not sure how to clean a messy room, use these decluttering tips to figure out where to begin and how to efficiently clean your messy junk room.

Grab the Necessary Tools

Cleaning out an overflowing room can be a long process. Queue up a good podcast, make yourself a drink, gather supplies, and settle in for the long haul. Here’s what you’ll need for your junk room makeover:

  • Sticky notes
  • Trash bags
  • Laundry baskets/old boxes
  • Timer

Sort for 20 Minutes

Set a timer, and get to work. Can you clean a little longer? Set the timer for 20 minutes more. Setting aside an hour or two a night for your junk room makeover can make the decluttering process a lot less painful!

Try the Four-Box Method

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re just getting started decluttering your junk room. But a smart plan will keep you from giving up before you even get started. Use sticky notes to designate laundry baskets, boxes, and trash bags into categories for the four-box method:

  • Things to donate/sell
  • Items that should go elsewhere in your home
  • Trash
  • Things to move to storage

While it’s called a junk room for a reason, not everything in the room is clutter that needs to be cleared out. Use a bed, chair, or table that’s already in the room to place items that will later be incorporated in your newly organized room.

Also, remember the goal of the four-box method is to find a place for all of your clutter. Every single item should have a home. Designating specific storage areas in your newly organized junk room will save you time and frustration later!

Donating vs. Selling Items

Donating items is a great and thoughtful way to declutter a messy room. Taking the time to sell or consign a few items could help add extra dollars to your junk room makeover budget as well.

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Step #2: How to Get Rid of Junk

It’s common for old furniture, clothes, papers, and other items that don’t have an official home to wind up in the junk room. This can make decluttering tricky because of the hodge-podge of belongings and sheer volume of stuff packed into the room. Once you have the items needed to get started cleaning your messy room, check out these tips on how to tackle the mess!

Start with the Big Stuff

Make space to move while you declutter your junk room by sorting through the big stuff first. Beginning with large items will also help you feel accomplished because you’ll quickly see visual progress.

Ask Yourself the Hard Questions

Parting with items can be difficult. When sorting through things you’ve been holding on to, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I use this everyday?
  • Does this object have sentimental value?
  • Do I already have something similar?
  • Am I keeping this item “just in case?”

Determining why you’re hanging onto certain items and how likely it is that you’ll use something in the future can help you clean clutter fast!

Separate by Categories

If a large portion of your junk room is hogged by old sports equipment, start there. If it’s clothes that are piled high, start there. Knowing the type and amount of items you’re holding on to will make finding things to get rid of easier, and grouping like items will give you a better idea of what you’re working with.

Move All Unnecessary Items

Another great decluttering tip is to move any sorting boxes or trash bags into the hallway. Getting your items physically out of your junk room will help you keep a clear head and force you to deal with the mess sooner rather than later.

Keep Only What You Need or Love

Remember the real mission is to purge your house of unnecessary items. Stop holding on to things you might have a use for in the future. Keep only what you need right now or that has deep sentimental value.

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Step #3: Junk Room Organization

If you don’t have a designated storage room, your transformed junk room may still need to be used for miscellaneous household items. Use these organizational tips to arrange your remaining belongings while still creating space for your dream room!

Utilize Closet Space

Whether it’s a library, office, or spare bedroom you’re hoping to create after decluttering your junk room, your closet is a great place to store items that have no other home!

Try Stackable Storage

Stackable bins or drawers are another great junk room organization idea! These products allow you to utilize vertical storage, so you can preserve floor space for your newly repurposed room.

Make Use of Wall Space

Magazines Neatly Stored on Wall of Living Room. Photo by Instagram user @designmentor

Photo via @designmentor

Junk rooms often have lots of random papers, magazines, and old files. Keep in mind that walls are a great storage option that helps you free up floor space.

Use Versatile Shelving

Pictures and Plants Stored on a Headboard made from a Wooden Pallet. Photo by Instagram user @palletbedz

Photo via @palletbedz

When it comes to how to declutter your home, get creative! A bookcase or built-in shelves can do more than just store books—they can double as a headboard or a display case for your favorite belongings.

Make Shopping an Incentive

While you’ll certainly find some goodies while cleaning your messy room, transforming your junk room into your dream room will likely require purchasing a few new items. Save shopping for when you have cleared out clutter and actually sold, donated, or tossed the items that you’re no longer using!

Stop Clutter Before It Starts

Home Desk Organized with Glass Jars and Wicker Baskets. Photo by Instagram user @organizedmamas

Photo via @organizedmamas

Don’t let your newly organized space return to a junk room! Preserving your junk room makeover means having a plan. Cleaning weekly and having designated spaces for items can help you keep clutter to a minimum!

Now that you know where to start, it’s time to put your junk room organization plan in action! Use these decluttering tips to help you transform your junk room into usable space in no time!