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Bright, organized attic space

10 Simple Attic Storage & Organization Tips

Organizing your attic doesn’t have to be difficult or a dreaded chore! To help manage the process, we’ve put together a few tips and tricks that will help you maximize your attic space and make the entire process a bit easier!

Clear Everything Out of the Attic

Clean wooden attic space. Photo by Instagram user @jason_steady

Photo via @jason_steady

No matter what you do, the first step to attic organization is clearing out the entire space! It’ll be messy, but it needs to happen. Boxes, bins, dressers, buckets, etc. Whatever you (or maybe previous owners) put up there needs to come out!

Check For & Deal with Pests

Clean attic space with wood floor. Photo by Instagram user @sal_at_six

Photo via @sal_at_six

Once you have an empty attic, you need to check for pests! Bring in an expert to do a thorough check so that you can be sure that nothing will be trying to chew through items or make a home in your belongings.

Donate or Toss Old Items

Woman clearing out home attic. Photo by Instagram user @jaizcarter

Photo via @jaizcarter

After you know what was being stored in your attic, it’s time to either donate or toss items! Whatever you don’t need is just going to take up space and collect dust, so don’t be afraid to part ways with that box of clothes from high school or toys that were going to be fixed at one point. Just toss it and move on!

Design an Attic Floor Plan

Once you’re ready to start getting items back into your attic, consider creating a floor plan that designates specific attic storage areas! This will help you remember where every item is while also making the process of putting items back into the attic a little bit quicker.

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Invest in a Label Maker

If you’re not looking to purchase all different types of bins, it’d be a good idea to purchase a label maker. That way, you can label every box, bin, and bag, letting you know the contents and helping you understand where each item should be placed.

Store Items in Clear Plastic Bins

When it comes to attic storage, placing your items in clear plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes will make finding what you need simpler. Clear plastic bins are sturdier, easier to see into, and a better long-term storage investment!

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Brace Floors Before Storing Items

Attic project with floor finishing. Photo by Instagram user @attixaust

Photo via @attixaust

If you plan on storing any heavy items, placing them on any non-weight bearing surface is a bad idea. Instead of trying to refinish the attic space with new floors, add some plywood or attic dek flooring that can easily rest on beams and help displace weight accordingly!

Build Suspended Shelves

Before and after photo of attic shelving. Photo by Instagram user @taylorflanery

Photo via @taylorflanery

A great option if you’re stacking items together is to build suspend shelving that you can install between your attic’s trusses. Be sure to keep items on these shelves in the medium to light weight range to best protect your trusses over a longer period of time.

Reuse Old Hooks

If you have any old picture hooks lying around a workbench, you can easily reuse them to store any hanging decorations or hang any seasonal wardrobes for quicker access. These hooks easily screw into wooden beams, giving you a quick storage solution that won’t cost much.

Install Drawers or Add Small Cabinets

Smart storage drawers in angled wall. Photo by Instagram user @clever_closet

Photo via @clever_closet

If you plan on storing small items in your attic, specifically items you want kept separate, consider installing drawers or small cabinets near the entrance of your attic. This will keep them close to the most natural light source, which makes grabbing what you need easier.

One of the final additions to your attic organization project should be to add a throw away or donate area near the entrance. This will allow you to get rid of items over time, instead of letting it all pile up until you organize your attic again!


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Attic organization and storage

Bright, organized attic space
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