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Cubbies with wicker baskets and hangers in storage closet

Organize Your Storage Room with These 18 Decluttering Ideas

Trying to figure out how to organize your storage room? Decluttering this space might be one of the most difficult cleaning tasks in your entire home, but it doesn’t have to be! Whether you’re dealing with a small space designated for storage, a large basement, or a utility room that doubles as a household catch-all, we have ideas to help you tidy up this tricky area!

Create a Storage Room Inventory

Storage room with storage containers. Photo by Instagram user @e._.laine

Photo via @e._.laine

One of the toughest parts of storage room organization is getting a handle on where everything is located. From what’s in each bin to which pipes and wires go to what, creating a basic guide can help you find exactly what you need! Know what’s in every box with this free basement storage inventory printable from Home Storage Solutions.

Label Everything

Labeling shelves, boxes, pipes, and even your fuse box is an awesome hack for organizing a storage room! Make your life easier by knowing exactly where to find what you’re looking for.

Color Coordinate Bins

The best way to organize your storage room is to keep it simple! Using different colored bins to separate similar items by product type, season, or holiday will help you easily find exactly what you’re looking for!

Use Clear Containers

If you love to stockpile canned goods or buy food in bulk, clear containers can make storage room organization easy! You can quickly see exactly what you have on hand and when you need to make a trip to the store when you utilize see-through containers.

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Recycle Egg Cartons

Storing jewelry or delicate Christmas ornaments? Looking for a place to put extra nails, screws, and other hardware? Reusing old egg cartons as a container for your tiniest items is a cheap and easy storeroom solution!

Invest in Pegboard Shelving

Pegboard wall with tool storage. Photo by Instagram user @mgvr_workshop

Photo via @mgvr_workshop

Whether you’re storing arts and crafts supplies or power tools, a pegboard shelf system will make it easy to find what you need! Because you’re likely storing a variety of items in your storage room, this is an awesome and versatile basement organization idea. Head over to Home Depot to pick up pre-assembled parts or build your own!

DIY Hack: Great with a drill bit? This DIY pegboard shelving system is a budget-friendly way to create smart and efficient storage in your home!

Make the Most of Hooks

Organized wall with cleaning supplies. Photo by Instagram user @organizerjanet

Photo via @organizerjanet

Ironing boards, brooms, mops, and dustpans can all have a convenient home on the wall with utility hooks. Installing these hooks by the entrance to your storage room so you can group vacuums, carpet steamers, and other cleaning supplies will make life much simpler on cleaning day!

Don’t Forget Wire Shelving

Wire shelving with lawn equipment. Photo by Instagram user @organizerjanet

Photo via @organizerjanet

When it comes to storing outdoor supplies like watering canisters, planters, or extra building materials like carpet squares, shutters, and wood panels, wire shelving is a great option. It can withstand the weight of heavy items and be adjusted to store items of varying sizes.

Create a Paper-Filing System

White and blue filing cabinets. Photo by Instagram user @refined_rooms

Photo via @refined_rooms

Keep paper clutter from accumulating by investing in file cabinets and creating your own filing system! This is an excellent way to organize your storage room and ensure all of your instruction manuals, product warranties, taxes, and other files are in one convenient place.

Group Holiday Supplies

Gift bags, wrapping paper, and holiday decorations are often the enemy of storage room organization. But just because you use them once a year doesn’t mean you shouldn’t create a streamlined system. Keep decorations sorted by seasonal use and make sure what you use the most is easiest to reach!

DIY Hack: One easy way to keep items from piling up is to use the wall for home storage. Easily mount wrapping paper and move it out of the way with this DIY basement storage solution from Refined Rooms.

Store China in Special Containers

If you don’t have a china cabinet in your home, it’s a good idea to find a safe place to store your holiday dishes. This would typically be a spot that’s high up and has low traffic. One great option is to utilize china storage containers and store them on shelves where you can clearly see them.

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Hang Chairs Like Modern Art

Stacking chairs is a simple way to free up room in your storage room. You can take this space-saving idea one step further by mounting extra chairs (and any folding tables) on the wall. This leaves more room for storing furniture like couches and armchairs that can’t be hung on the wall.

Try Cubbies

Cubbies in storage shelves. Photo by Instagram user @refined_rooms

Photo via @refined_rooms

Have a flex room in your basement? Trying to balance a storage room with functional space? Using cubbies is a practical storage room idea that will help house all of your miscellaneous belongings. They’re also perfect for storing blocks, dolls, books, or other kids toys that need a home.

Build Your Own Shelving

Whether it’s shoes, seasonal decorations, extra paint, or luggage, build shelving that can accommodate exactly what you need to store! Especially if you’re maximizing utility room storage, custom shelving will help you build around pesky pipes and awkward spaces.

DIY Hack: Ready to put in some elbow grease? While The Wood Grain Cottage made these DIY basement shelves to store canning supplies, you can make yours for everything from bulk supplies to timeless keepsakes and memorabilia.

Use Walls for Home Gym Storage

Trying to make your storage room double as a home gym? Utilize wall space to store weights and mount workout equipment. Creating a designated fitness area will not only keep your basement tidy, but it will also help you stay safe while you work out!

Buy a Clothing Rack

Clothing rack in storage room. Photo by Instagram user @ocdaz

Photo via @ocdaz

Living somewhere with all four seasons means you likely won’t need all of your clothes in your closet at once! Create a distinct home for coats and jackets in the summer and tank tops and shorts in the winter by adding an affordable clothing rack or something more sturdy. This will make organizing your storage room easy!

DIY Hack: Like the idea of building your own? This DIY copper clothing rack from The Fox & She is easy to assemble and looks amazing!

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Keep Tools Separate

Tools stored in custom-built organizer. Photo by Instagram user @jbfurniture

Photo via @jbfurniture

If you don’t have a toolshed or space in your garage, a storage room could double as your workshop. Tools and building supplies can quickly become a disordered and dangerous mess for children or animals. You can minimize hazards by keeping these items together in a sturdy cabinet with a lock or store them up high.

Remember to Utilize Ceiling Space

Store bikes, skiing equipment, and even clothes and extra linens up high! Simply add ceiling hooks, a hanging rack, or build ceiling storage to start maximizing the vertical space in your storage room. 

DIY Hack: This awesome idea to store bins up high isn’t just for garages! Try this upcycled pallet DIY from HGTV to make the most of ceiling space.

Whether you have a basement storage room to organize or a small utility closet where extra items go to hide, there are many tips and tricks to help you declutter! Create the organized storeroom of your dreams when you make a plan and invest in smart furniture and shelving! Ready to tackle your next organization project? Find ideas on how to organize your attic today!

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