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Small apartment with modern furniture and natural light

Staging a Home to Sell: Small Space Tips & Tricks

Home staging is the key to selling your home fast. But if you’re trying to sell a small home with tiny rooms, taking the time to invest in good home staging can help you maximize your space and attract potential buyers. Below are 12 ideas to help you stage your small space and get your home sold!

Focus on Buyers’ Big Questions

Starting with the basics is a pro real estate tip! Most homebuyers want to envision themselves living in your space, so that should be your top priority. According to Annie Pinsker-Brown, professional stager and owner of Stage to Sell in Los Angeles, potential buyers have three main concerns about their new home.

  • Where will I eat?
  • Where will I watch TV?
  • Where will I work?

Creating distinct areas for these things can be tricky in small spaces, so you’ll need to think outside the box to make rooms feel multifunctional and help prospective buyers imagine designated spots for their needs.

Design Light, Airy Spaces

Loud patterns, heavy fabrics, and ornate decor are a thing of the past—especially when it comes to staging small spaces.

“Today’s buyer doesn’t want that look,” said Meridith Baer of Meridith Baer Home. “They want sheer or linen curtains, and they don’t want the home packed. They want a cleaner, simpler lifestyle. And more flair and fun.”

Reducing Clutter and simplifying decor in each room is crucial for making a small space work. Also, choosing lighter, more neutral colors is another trick for lightening up your space and creating more flow.

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Anchor the Space with Accents

Small apartment with yellow accents. Photo by Instagram user @emilygdesimone

Photo via @emilygdesimone

While you want to embrace light paint colors and neutral decor in the majority of your home, adding pops of color or a bold pattern can create intrigue for buyers. For small living room staging, add a rug to designate a focal point or paint an accent wall. In a bedroom, consider including minimalistic art featuring vibrant colors.

Use Proportional Furniture

Living room and dining room with home staging. Photo by Instagram user @kartebiuro

Photo via @kartebiuro

Regardless if you’re staging a studio apartment, a cozy condo, or a small house, finding the right furniture size for each room is essential!

“If you have a small, narrow living room, get rid of your bulky sectional and opt for a loveseat and two small accent chairs instead,” said Gail Stempel Dunnett, CEO of Studio D.

Remember that space-saving furniture is your friend! Maybe you needed a table with six spots to accommodate your family while you were living in the home, but you can remove it and replace it with a smaller table while staging your home to help the space feel bigger.

Give the Illusion of Depth

Spacious apartment room with minimalist design. Photo by Instagram user @sarahshireed

Photo via @sarahshireed

Especially in small spaces, it’s important to create the illusion of more space. Pushing furniture back along the walls and angling smaller pieces in your space can make your home feel larger than it is. In addition, using long curtains and hanging vertical wall art can help you give your home the appearance of being taller, too.

Organize Storage Spaces

Organized, simple men's closet. Photo by Instagram user @theemersonapt

Photo via @theemersonapt

Yes, buyers will look in your closets! Not taking the time to organize and declutter bedroom and linen closets, medicine cabinets, the pantry, and other storage spaces is a home staging mistake that can cost you, according to Cheryl Eisen of Interior Marketing Group. She says it immediately signals to buyers that there’s not enough closet space, and their home won’t be as calm and organized as they dreamed.

When staging a closet, swap plastic hangers for wooden ones and organize clothing by color to give it a more aesthetically-pleasing pop. If your closets are still packed after cleaning, consider renting a storage unit to remove some items and break up the clutter.

Decorate with Mirrors

Home with mirrored wall. Photo by Instagram user @in_dizajn

Photo via @in_dizajn

Staging a house on a budget? Adding mirrors and reflective items is an easy, affordable way to create the illusion of more space! If you’re staging a small living room, mirrors can visually enlarge the area and encourage a better traffic flow. Reflective surfaces are also powerful at expanding a small bedroom or opening up the entryway.

Invest in Exposed Leg Furniture

Opting for furniture with exposed legs is a go-to real estate staging tip! Because there’s visual space around the furniture, it keeps the eye from getting stuck on bulky items or overcrowded areas. Not to mention, couches, coffee tables, and nightstands with exposed legs also add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any room.

Add Plants as Decor

If you’re staging a small house to sell, you don’t want it seem dark, dreary, or cramped. Plants are a simple way to bring a room to life! Add a cacti, succulent, or small shrub to freshen up the space, purify the air, and add visual interest. Plus, plants are much more cost-effective than buying fresh flowers for every showing.

Let in Natural Light

Apartment living room with natural light. Photo by Instagram user @tntstaging

Photo via @tntstaging

Whether staging a small condo for sale or getting ready to put your tiny home on the market, natural light is your secret weapon! Nothing helps expand the size of a room and a buyer’s imagination quite like natural sunlight. Ditch heavy blinds for light and airy curtains. If you have furniture blocking a window, move it. Painting a room a light color can fake a sense of more light, but actually bringing in natural light where you can makes a huge difference.

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Utilize Vertical Space

Living room with floor-length curtains. Photo by Instagram user @mint2bedesign

Photo via @mint2bedesign

Making the most of vertical space is a pro tip for making a small bedroom look larger. Utilizing a tall bookshelf, adding floor-length curtains, or displaying plants up high are all ways to vertically stretch a room. Try designing up if you’re looking for staging ideas for a small living room, home office, or kids bedroom as well.

Don’t Forget About Outdoor Space

Outdoor living space staged. Photo by Instagram user @sonja_ols

Photo via @sonja_ols

Expand your home by bringing the outside in! Styling your backyard or deck to seem like the perfect outdoor entertaining space is a house staging tip that can bring in a bigger offer. Find inspiration for your small outdoor living space.


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