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Your Guide to Business Storage Rates

How much does it cost to rent business or commercial storage? In our guide below, Extra Space Storage breaks down the average business storage costs, what factors impact pricing, and more.

How Much Does Business Storage Cost?

On average, business storage prices can be found as low as $40 a month and up to $600 a month at self storage facilities across the U.S. However, business storage rates can vary depending on several factors—including location, added features, taxes, and more.

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What Impacts the Cost of Business Storage?

The cost of business storage will depend on the area you’re renting in, the size and type of the business storage unit, storage amenities, and more.


In larger metropolitan areas where space is more limited, business storage units may come with a higher price tag—while areas removed from large city centers may have more affordable storage units. Your area’s cost of living and local taxes can also greatly impact the final price of your rental.


Business self storage rates greatly depend on unit size. If you need to store excess documents or business inventory, a smaller storage unit may work best and even cost less—whereas if you need to store large equipment and a substantial amount of inventory, you might consider renting warehouse storage to accommodate your needs.


Prices for business self storage units will also vary based on the type of storage you end up renting. For instance, if you need to store a company vehicle, you can rent indoor, outdoor, or covered vehicle storage. Additionally, the cost of commercial storage space can go up if you need to rent warehouse units to handle your business storage needs.

Climate Control

Business storage unit features and amenities like climate control can also lead to an increase in price. Climate-controlled storage is used to help protect temperature-sensitive items in a more consistent environment, and typically increases the cost of business storage units by $25 to $50 per month.

What Are the Most Popular Markets for Business Storage?

We’ve compiled a list of a few Extra Space Storage markets across the country to highlight some average minimum and maximum business storage rates.

City Minimum Price (monthly) Maximum Price (monthly)
Mesa, AZ $43 $416
Phoenix, AZ $28 $606
Denver, CO $42 $552
Fort Lauderdale, FL $39 $673
Fort Myers, FL $71 $657
Miami, FL $60 $708
Orlando, FL $59 $683
Tampa, FL $48 $498
Marietta, GA $14 $544
Chicago, IL $51 $574
Indianapolis, IN $84 $391
Louisville, KY $57 $417
Baltimore, MD $46 $383
St Louis, MO $70 $376
Charlotte, NC $59 $426
Las Vegas, NV $95 $846
Austin, TX $63 $567
Dallas, TX $52 $609
Houston, TX $54 $635
Chesapeake, VA $69 $501

Note: All prices are for reference only and are subject to change without notice.


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