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Complete Guide to Storage Unit Prices in 2024

When renting a storage unit there are many factors to consider including size, amenities, and price. With our comprehensive pricing guide, you can estimate self storage prices and compare monthly storage unit costs by size and amenity.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Storage Unit?

The average price for a storage unit ranges between $35-100 per month. Storage unit prices will vary depending on unit type, unit size, and the competitiveness of the storage facility’s location.

Storage Unit Pricing Comparison by Size

Generally, the larger a storage unit is, the more it will cost. The average monthly price for storage unit sizes at Extra Space Storage are:

For a more detailed look into storage unit costs by size and various amenities, like climate control, refer to our table below.

Storage Unit Size Standard Average Monthly Price Climate-Controlled Average Monthly Price What Fits
5×5 $35.87 $42.54 Furniture items such as a dresser, mattress set, and several boxes.
5×10 $58.92 $67.73 Bedroom furniture such as a queen-sized bed, dresser, desk, and several boxes.
10×10 $105.14 $109.73 1-2 bedroom apartment items with several boxes
10×15 $148.04 $150.10 2-3 bedroom apartment items with a piano, couches, tables, TVs, and several boxes.
10×20 $189.42 $198.29 3-4 bedroom home with a couch, refrigerator, washer and dryer, and dining room set with several boxes.
10×25 $233.24 $233.24 3-4 bedroom home with couch, refrigerator, washer and dryer, and dining room set with several boxes.
10×30 $269.50 $269.50 3-5 bedroom home with couches, beds, dressers, refrigerator, washer and dryer, dining room set, entertainment center, and several boxes.

Bar graph comparing average monthly price of standard and climate-controlled storage units from sizes 5x5 to 10x30

How Much Does Climate-Controlled Storage Cost?

The average cost of a climate-controlled storage unit at Extra Space Storage is $117 to $290, making it about 17% more expensive than a standard storage unit. Climate-controlled storage units use air conditioning and heating to help protect sensitive belongings year-round. Storage units with climate control typically maintain temperatures between 55 and 80 degrees. It’s recommended to rent climate-controlled storage to prevent costly damage to your belongings from external weather conditions. If you’re storing artwork, antiques, clothing, books, or electronics, climate-controlled storage can provide a stable environment to help keep them protected long-term.

Venn diagram comparing price per square foot of standard and climate-controlled storage units in sizes 5x5 to 10x30

How Much Does Drive-Up Storage Cost?

Storage units with drive-up access allow you to pull your vehicle directly next to your storage space to quickly unload and load your belongings. At Extra Space Storage, the average price of drive-up storage units ranges from $160 to $225. You should rent drive-up storage if you’re moving, renting business storage, storing vehicles, or will be visiting your storage unit frequently.

How Much Does Vehicle Storage Cost?

If you’re renting vehicle storage, the average price will range from $92 to $270, depending on the type of storage you rent. Extra Space Storage offers indoor, outdoor, and covered vehicle storage options. Smaller vehicles like motorcycles or ATVs can be stored in a 5×10 to 5×15 storage unit. 10×15, 10×25, and 10×30 storage spaces are great for storing compact cars or boats. If you need to store an RV, you’ll want a 10×25 to 10×40 parking space.

Comparing Indoor Vs. Outdoor Vehicle Storage Costs

Take a closer look at vehicle storage unit prices by type and size.

Storage Unit Size Indoor Vehicle Storage Average Monthly Price
10×15 $148.04
10×20 $189.82
10×25 $233.24
10×30 $269.50


Storage Unit Size Uncovered Vehicle Storage Average Monthly Price Covered Vehicle Storage Average Monthly Price
10×25 $92.02 $103.80
10×30 $109.85 $133.56
10×40 $98.20 $182.75

In general, covered vehicle storage is more expensive than uncovered vehicle storage. 10×25 covered storage is 11% more expensive, 10×30 covered storage is 19% more expensive, and 10×40 covered storage is 60% more expensive.

Line graph of indoor vehicle storage, covered vehicle storage, and uncovered vehicle storage costs based on unit size

Factors that Affect Storage Unit Prices

Several factors can affect the price of a storage unit. Check out the common factors below!


The location of a storage facility can play a big role in determining how much a storage unit will cost. Facilities located in desirable areas with high demand may have higher storage unit prices compared to facilities in areas with less demand.

Seasonal Demand

Storage unit prices can vary depending on seasonal demands. Prices often dip slightly in the spring and rise in peak moving seasons like summer. Winter tends to be the cheapest season for renting storage, since fewer people move or declutter during that time.

Added Amenities & Services

Some self storage facilities can come with a slightly higher cost if you want additional amenities like climate control or moving assistance.

Security Features

Storage facilities with advanced security measures like surveillance cameras, gated access, or on-site managers may have higher rental prices. The added sense of security can give you peace of mind while you store your belongings.

Lease Terms and Commitment

The length of the lease term for a storage unit can influence the overall monthly rate. Short-term rentals may have higher fees compared to long-term rentals. To avoid unnecessary costs, it’s best to choose a lease term that aligns with your storage needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Storage Unit Costs

How much does it cost to rent a storage unit?

Storage units typically cost around $35-$100 per month. The price of a storage unit is based on the unit size and is usually charged as a monthly rental fee. Additional amenities such as climate control may affect monthly rates.

What size unit do I need?

The storage unit size you’ll need depends on the amount of items you have to store. For help determining the right storage unit size for your needs, use our helpful storage unit size guide.

What documents do I need to rent a storage unit?

At most storage facilities, you’ll need to bring a government-issued ID like a driver’s license, passport, or military ID.

Can I rent a storage unit for a week?

Most storage facilities require a rental lease term of at least one month, allowing items to be moved in and out as needed.

How do I find affordable storage unit options?

To find affordable storage unit options, compare prices from different storage facilities in your area. You can also consider renting at locations with less demand or taking advantage of promotions and discounts, or booking online for a lower rate.

Do I need storage insurance?

Extra Space Storage requires customers to have proof of insurance when renting a storage unit. This is to help ensure the protection of your belongings should anything happen. For more information on the benefits of renter’s insurance and its coverages, read our storage insurance guide.


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