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Your Guide to RV Storage Rates

How much does it cost to store an RV? In our guide below, Extra Space Storage breaks down the average RV storage costs, what storage factors can change pricing, and much more!

How Much Does RV Storage Cost?

On average, RV storage prices can be found as low as $84 a month and up to $400 a month. However, these rates can vary based on location, availability, type of RV storage, vehicle size, additional amenities, and state taxes.

We’ve compiled a list of a few Extra Space Storage’s markets across the country to highlight some average minimum and maximum RV storage rates.

City Minimum Price (monthly) Maximum Price (monthly)
Mesa, AZ $75 $233
Phoenix, AZ $83 $289
San Diego, CA $157 $182
Bradenton, FL $152 $152
Lakeland, FL $106 $274
Milton, GA $43 $119
Las Vegas, NV $85 $239
Beaverton, OR $91 $308
Fort Worth, TX $81 $296

Note: Pricing ranges in this table include all types of RV storage, including indoor, outdoor, and covered. All prices are for reference only and are subject to change without notice.

What Impacts the Cost of RV Storage?

The cost of RV storage can change depending on the storage facility you rent from, what local market prices are, what kind of RV storage you need to rent, how big your camper or motorhome is, and more.


Where you live can impact your RV storage costs. Large metropolitan areas may come with a higher price tag, due to limited storage space and higher costs of living. Local real estate markets can also have an impact on the cost of self storage prices.


RV storage prices may fluctuate based on the size of vehicle storage you need. For example, with a Class A or Class C motorhome, you may need a parking space or storage unit size that’s at least 10×40. The larger the storage space, the more you’ll have to pay in rent each month. Use our online resource to help you determine what size storage unit you need.


The type of RV storage you rent also plays a role in how much you pay for vehicle storage. With indoor storage units or covered parking spaces, prices are generally higher because these storage options provide better protection from the elements. Typically, outdoor vehicle storage is the most affordable option for RVs.

Climate Control

Special features for RV storage can change your monthly costs. For instance, if you rent indoor RV storage with climate control, you may be looking at an additional $25-$50 a month on top of your RV rental price.


Need to store an RV in your local area? Extra Space Storage has the convenient and affordable RV storage solution for you. Find storage near you!