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Business Storage Features: What to Look for When Renting Self Storage

If you own a business, you know how quickly you can run out of space. That’s where self storage can come in handy! Whether you need to store documents or inventory, or you need a temporary office space, here are the types of commercial self storage and the features to look for when renting storage for your business!

Types of Business Storage

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Before you begin looking for specific self storage features for your business, take a look at the types of business storage that are available to you through Extra Space Storage.

Self Storage

Self storage is a common storage option in which you rent a storage unit at a storage facility to store your possessions. For businesses, self storage can be used to store documents, extra office supplies, seasonal inventory, or small equipment.

Warehouse Storage

If your business retains a high volume of inventory or has large equipment to store, warehouse storage may be the right solution for you. With warehouse storage units, you’ll have plenty of space to store and organize your business items.

Office Space

Leasing office space for your company can be expensive, especially if you’re a small business that’s still growing. Renting out an office space at a storage facility can help you save money while still providing you with the space you need to get work done and develop your business. Plus, many of these spaces are equipped with internet and phone lines, so you can work without using a WiFi hotspot or your personal phone.

Vehicle Storage

Do you make deliveries or own multiple service vehicles for your business? If you’re unable to store these vehicles at your business or home, utilizing vehicle storage at a storage facility is a great way to keep your cars, vans, trucks, and other vehicles safe and secure when they’re not in use!

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Business Storage Features

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Learn more about the commercial storage features that are available with Extra Space Storage and how they can benefit your business while you’re utilizing self storage.


Wherever you choose to store your business items, you’ll want to make sure there are high-quality security features in place to keep your belongings secure. Security features to look for when evaluating storage facilities include security access to your floor only, electronic gate access, video surveillance, on-site resident managers, and individually-alarmed units.

Extended Hours & 24-Hour Access

Whether you’re an early riser, night owl, or weekend worker, renting business storage with extended hours or 24-hour access can be helpful. A storage facility with extended hours typically has gate access from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., providing more opportunities for you to stop by your storage unit before or after work. If, however, your schedule is unpredictable, it might be worth finding a storage facility that offers 24-hour access so that you can get to your storage unit outside of standard hours when it’s convenient for you.

Drive-Up Access

Drive-up access storage is an extremely convenient storage feature that business owners can benefit from. If you plan on making frequent trips to your business storage unit to pick up and drop off equipment or inventory, this feature allows you to drive directly up to your unit for quick and easy loading and unloading.

Climate-Controlled Storage

Do you have important items that could potentially be damaged in an uncontrolled storage environment? Climate-controlled storage typically keeps storage units between 55 and 80 degrees year-round to help protect delicate items from damage. This feature is highly recommended if you plan to store sensitive paper documents, electronics like computers and TVs, retail products, or leather and wooden furniture.

Deliveries Accepted

If you plan to use self storage to store inventory or materials, being able to have items delivered to your storage facility is a major convenience. This helps save you both time and effort so you can focus on your other business needs. And you won’t have have to worry about your package being left in the open because a storage facility staff member will be there to accept it and keep it secure until you pick it up.

Wide-Drive Aisles

For businesses that need to transport and store inventory or large equipment, you’ll want to choose a storage facility with wide-drive aisles. That way, you can drive large vehicles like trucks or trailers into the storage facility without getting stuck, and there will still be enough room for you to easily load and unload your items.

Loading Bays

Loading bays at storage facilities make the loading and unloading process much easier. A loading bay comes in handy for businesses that need to transport lots of inventory to and from their storage unit. Also, if you live somewhere that gets any type of severe weather, think about renting a unit at a facility that has a covered or heated loading bay for your comfort and safety.

Storage Locker Availability

If you don’t need a ton of space but still want somewhere to keep business items, consider renting a storage locker. Similar to a traditional storage unit, these units are much smaller, cost less, and are great if you’re looking for a short-term storage solution. Plus, storage lockers are ideal for storing smaller items like extra office supplies and documents!


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