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Your Guide to Warehouse Storage Rates

How much does it cost to rent warehouse storage? In our guide below, Extra Space Storage discusses the average cost of warehouse storage units, factors that can impact pricing, and more!

How Much Does Warehouse Storage Cost?

On average, warehouse storage rates can vary from $1 to $8 per square foot each month. However, warehouse storage costs vary based on location, the amount of space needed, added features, and more.

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What Impacts the Cost of Warehouse Storage?

The cost of warehouse storage can fluctuate based on the specific storage facility, local market prices, square footage and amenities offered, and more.


The location of your warehouse storage unit can directly and indirectly affect the cost of warehouse storage. Certain markets—especially large cities and metropolitan areas—may be more competitive, which could increase your base rental rate. Your overall storage expenditures may also be impacted by local and state taxes. The distance of your commute is another factor to consider, as gas and rental truck prices will be higher the farther you need to travel to transport items to your storage unit.


Warehouse storage units provide oversize storage spaces over 300 square feet, while business storage units range between 25 and 300 square feet. The more square footage you need, the higher your monthly warehouse storage rental price will be—barring any added features’ costs. For example, storing large construction machinery will require a much larger warehouse unit than if you were storing spare inventory.

Climate Control

Choosing to rent climate-controlled warehouse storage can affect the price of your unit. Having a warehouse storage unit with climate control is an excellent way to protect business inventory from extreme temperature and humidity changes year-round. This amenity can be invaluable, though it will be more expensive to rent than a warehouse unit without climate control.

Insurance & Security

Protecting your stored items is crucial, so having good insurance while renting warehouse storage is a must. Whether you obtain insurance directly through your storage facility or via a third-party, the types of items you’re storing and their value can affect your insurance rates. Similarly, advanced security features may be utilized at your warehouse storage facility, which could be factored into overall warehouse pricing.

What Are the Most Popular Markets for Warehouse Storage?

We’ve compiled a list of a few Extra Space Storage markets across the country to highlight some average minimum and maximum warehouse storage rates.

City Average Price (monthly)
Anaheim, CA $351
Irvine, CA $338
Santa Clara, CA $540
Flagler Beach, FL $407
Miami, FL $180
Orlando, FL $542
Tucker, GA $449
Crystal Lake, IL $579
Indianapolis, IN $213
Linthicum Heights, MD $191
Cranbury, NJ $496
Brooklyn, NY $117
Greenville, SC $290
Baytown, TX $275
Dallas, TX $231

Note: All prices are for reference only and are subject to change without notice.


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