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Split image with custom closet and luxury pool as part of Extra Space Storage 2022 Bracket Challenge

Which Dream Home Feature Won Our 2022 Bracket Challenge?

From March 15 through April 5, Extra Space Storage held its third annual Bracket Challenge, featuring popular dream home features. With the help of our incredible online community through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and this blog, we’re able to announce our 2022 Bracket Challenge Winner! But first, let’s take a look back at this year’s contenders…

  • Round 1: Custom Closet (85%) vs. Wine Room (15%) | WINNER: Custom Closet
  • Round 2: Home Theater (33%) vs. Outdoor Kitchen (67%) | WINNER: Outdoor Kitchen
  • Round 3: Hidden Room (40%) vs. Luxury Pool (60%) | WINNER: Luxury Pool
  • Round 4: Custom Garage (46%) vs. Home Gym (54%) | WINNER: Home Gym
  • Semi-Finals Round 1: Custom Closet (54%) vs. Outdoor Kitchen (46%) | WINNER: Custom Closet
  • Semi-Finals Round 2: Luxury Pool (76%) vs. Home Gym (24%) | WINNER: Luxury Pool
  • Finals: Custom Closet vs. Luxury Pool

Which dream home feature came out on top in our 2022 Bracket Challenge? Was it the ultimate storage and organization setup of a Custom Closet? Or was it the refreshing and relaxing Luxury Pool? Take a look below!

Extra Space Storage Bracket Challenge: Winner

Luxury Pool takes the win!

This first-time bracket challenge winner has always been a popular home feature and can be the ultimate addition to any backyard.

Why do so many people in the Extra Space Storage community love luxury pools? Swimming pools can be completely customizable from their size and shape to the features they include. Whether you want a stunning infinity pool, built-in spa, spacious tanning ledge, or relaxing lazy river, the possibilities for your luxury pool are endless!

Want to build an extravagant pool in your backyard? Start with these luxury pool ideas for inspiration!

Luxury pool with tanning chairs at night. Photo by Instagram user @pool.nation

Photo via @pool.nation

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Bracket Challenge! Check back next year for more bracket fun—and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more home inspiration!