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Small Hello Fall Sign on a Fall Themed Table

25 Fall Decoration & Craft Ideas for Your Home

Looking for fall decorating ideas for your home? These 25 simple autumn crafts and DIY fall decor ideas can help you bring the fall spirit to your home from September through November!

Carve Succulent Pumpkin Planters

Got a green thumb? Carve a shallow hole into the top of a few small to medium-sized pumpkins to turn them into seasonally appropriate succulent planters. Place these easy fall DIY decorations on a mantel, along a table runner, or as accents anywhere in your home!

Paint Pumpkins & Gourds

Pumpkin Painted White with Gold Circles. Photo by Instagram user @jessiewhealy

Photo via @jessiewhealy

Want to decorate pumpkins without carving them? Break out some acrylic paint and create fun, seasonal designs on pumpkins and decorative gourds without any of the mess of carving. Add simple patterns like chevron or polka dots, write a seasonal greeting, or paint a picture—there are endless options you can try!

Try Wooden Pumpkins

Pieces of Wood Nailed Together to Look like a Pumpkin. Photo by Instagram user @thesassycownc

Photo via @thesassycownc

For an alternative to buying fresh pumpkins each year, paint small wood blocks orange and glue them together to create a cute faux pumpkin you can use year after year to decorate your home! This easy autumn craft is perfect for crafters of all skill levels and can even be a great DIY project for kids!

Craft a Wine Cork Pumpkin

Wine Corks Glued Together to Look Like a Pumpkin. Photo by Instagram user @akporfilio

Photo via @akporfilio

Looking for another pumpkin alternative? Save the corks from a few wine bottles from your holiday parties, bind them with glue, then add twine and a fabric leaf to make a wine cork pumpkin. And unlike a real pumpkin, this fall decoration will never rot!

Opt for Cloth Pumpkins

By following some simple instructions, you can transform some toilet paper, a piece of fabric, and a twig into a festive piece of fall decor you can use again and again—a cloth pumpkin!

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Use Mason Jars as Vases

To make a mason jar vase, just add some painted accents to the outside, tie the top with twine, and fill the whole thing with an artificial bouquet! Use this simple rustic craft as a DIY centerpiece, or set one on your bedside table as fall room decor.

Make Leaf Lanterns

Leaf lanterns are another easy autumn craft you can make with mason jars. All it takes is craft glue and some leaves to make this cheap fall decoration. Once the craft is finished, don’t forget to place a real or battery-operated tea light inside to make the lantern glow!

Create a Planter Box Centerpiece

Autumn table decorations can transform any dining room, so why not make your own? Fill a planter box with leaves, gourds, burlap ribbon, and other decorative touches to create the DIY fall centerpiece of your dreams!

String Up a Leaf Garland

Leaves Strung Together and Used for Decor. Photo by Instagram user @lynnsmix

Photo via @lynnsmix

Beautifully colored leaves are everywhere in the fall, so gather a few of them to make a leaf garland! Fall foliage makes a fantastic decorative touch. Just make sure you preserve your leaves with sealer, glycerin, or a laminator to keep them intact.

Design a DIY Wreath

Fall Wreath with Home on It. Photo by Instagram user @daydream.craft

Photo via @daydream.craft

Bunch up some burlap, attach a bit of artificial foliage, and add ribbon accents for the perfect autumn wreath! There are many DIY approaches to this fall craft, so you’re bound to find the option that best fits your home’s interior or exterior styling!

Go with a Seasonal Door Hanger

Set the tone for the rest of your home’s decor with a DIY autumn door hanger! If you don’t want to start completely from scratch, you can even buy a kit from your local craft store and decorate the pieces yourself.

Arrange a Shadow Box

Style a shadow box with autumn flair! Try different arrangements of fall leaves, miniature plastic pumpkins, and paper art to make this craft your own. Once completed, this inexpensive fall decorating idea makes for great wall art or a tabletop accent!

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Make a Mini Tree

Mini Fall Tree with Pumpkins and Leaves on it. Photo by Instagram user @dreamoakdecor

Photo via @dreamoakdecor

Repurpose a toilet plunger into a miniature tree complete with autumn leaves! Perfect for your front step or your entryway, this indoor-outdoor decor piece is one of the most versatile and creative crafts for fall!

Fill a Bowl with Fabric Acorns

Fabric acorns make wonderful table decorations for fall! Stuff fabric scraps in the shape of an acorn, then attach a real acorn cap for a fun and festive look. You can also pour several of these fabric acorns into a decorative bowl for a simple accent piece!

Dry Your Own Potpourri

DIY potpourri is a fantastic way to add fall ambiance to your home. Not only does a bowlful of homemade potpourri look nice, but it will also make your home smell great! And with ingredient options from dried citrus to cinnamon and beyond, it’s easy to adjust this autumn DIY project to suit your tastes.

Build a Playful Fall Sign

Home Made Sign that Reads Pumpkin Patch. Photo by Instagram user @jaxx_designs

Photo via @jaxx_designs

Give your front yard a festive boost with a fall-themed sign! Thankfully, you don’t need to be a skilled woodworker to pull off this outdoor fall decoration. Anyone can make their own version with the right tools!

Give String Art a Shot

Indulge your creative side with some string art! Pumpkins, leaves, or even short greetings make great subjects for string art. Best of all, this DIY fall decor project is easier to make than you might think.

String Together a Burlap Banner

Burlap Banner Reading Give Thanks. Photo by Instagram user @queensbanners

Photo via @queensbanners

Create a burlap banner to hang above your fireplace or on an accent wall in your home! This durable fall decor idea is easy, inexpensive, and requires very few supplies. This can also be a fun project for kids to help with!

Craft a Candy Corn Pillow

Give your chairs, couch, or bed a festive touch with a candy corn throw pillow! This simple fall craft looks cute all season from Halloween all the way through Thanksgiving!

Stuff a Scarecrow

Scarecrows aren’t just practical tools for gardeners—they also make great outdoor decorations for autumn! Stuffing a scarecrow is a fall craft that’s fun for all ages. And when you make your own, you can customize it however you like!

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Fill a Wagon with Seasonal Decor

Need ideas for outdoor fall decorations? Take a red wagon and load it up with pumpkins, gourds, and other seasonal touches. Place the finished product beside your front steps or on your porch to make your home’s exterior look just as festive as its interior!

Frame Fall Leaves

Framed Fall Colored Leaves as Artwork. Photo by Instagram user @framednymph

Photo via @framednymph

Fall foliage is well-known for its beauty, so why not preserve a piece of that beauty to display in your own home! All you need is a photo frame and a leaf—or several leaves–to pull off this autumn craft. Then, once you’re done, you’ll be left with a one-of-a-kind piece of wall art!

Tie Cinnamon Sticks To Candles

Fake Candle Surrounded by Cinnamon Sticks. Photo by Instagram user @zaneredfern

Photo via @zaneredfern

Take a neutral or cinnamon-scented candle, then attach real cinnamon sticks to the outside. This fall DIY project is a great way to give new life to an old candle and brighten up your dining table or kitchen island!

Assemble Acorn Tea Lights

Home Made Acorn Tea Lights. Photo by Instagram user @fig.and.moon

Photo via @fig.and.moon

Looking for an autumn craft that uses natural supplies? Fill acorn caps with wax to create acorn tea lights! Place your DIY tea lights in a bowl of water and set them on a table in your living room or dining room for beautiful autumn decor!

Make Page Pumpkins with Recyclables

Pumpkins Made Out of Recycled Books with Decorations Atop. Photo by Instagram user @madconcoctions

Photo via @madconcoctions

Play up a vintage aesthetic by transforming magazines or old books into a cute paper pumpkin! This autumn decorating idea requires very little effort, and the end result looks fun and festive!

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