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Operating a Storage Facility: Your Daily To-Do List

One way to effectively ensure that your self storage facility is well-maintained and running smoothly is to create and follow a daily task list. With this list, it’ll be easier for you and your facility staff to keep up with cleaning, maintenance, security inspections, and more. Not sure what to include in your self storage daily task list? Here are some ideas for tasks you should accomplish before opening and before closing each day.

Before Opening Checklist

Prior to unlocking your facility for customers to access, you and your staff should complete a few tasks early in the morning to get the facility and your operations ready for the day.

• Handle Bank Deposits

It’s good to schedule bank deposits for the morning before customers arrive, especially if you’re not able to get to the bank in the evening after you lock up at night. Drop off all checks and cash you’ve received so that you don’t leave money sitting around your facility office. Update your books with these deposits, too.

• Take Care of Cleaning

Sweep and wipe down all trafficked areas of your facility. Disinfect elevators, bathrooms, gate access panels, and other places where customers and staff have access. Keep front office areas tidy by picking up loose trash or putting marketing materials back where they should be if they’ve been moved around.

• Make Sure Systems Are Working

Always test your storage facility’s systems on a daily basis so that you know they’re working and ready for customers. Ensure access gates are functioning properly and security cameras are recording. Also, see that your point of sale system is running smoothly so that transactions are quick and easy.

• Walk the Facility Grounds

Check the grounds to see that there isn’t any trash lying around and make sure all driveways are clear. Empty trash cans or dumpsters that are full and pick up any trash on the ground. Take note of any issues you find as well, such as burnt-out lightbulbs, malfunctioning motion-sensor lights, or building damage.

• Inspect Unit Locks

Keep an eye on storage units as you’re doing a daily facility walkthrough. Check unit locks to make sure they’re in working order and note any damage to the unit itself. Once your facility is open, be sure to let customers know of any issues you found with their locks or units.

• Unlock the Doors & Gates

After you’ve prepared to open for the day, it’s time to unlock all gates and doors to your storage facility that aren’t on an automated system. That way, you won’t have frustrated customers waiting to get inside.

Before Closing Checklist

To make opening the next day easier, you’ll want to check off some important closing tasks before you and your staff leave for the evening.

 • Be Sure All Customers Have Left

You’ll need to make sure all customers have left your storage facility and that no one is stuck on the grounds at closing time. Check all common areas, bathrooms, elevators, aisles, and hallways before locking up at night.

• Pick Up & Take Out Trash

Do another walkthrough of your storage facility to ensure there isn’t any trash on the ground or in common areas. Then, empty the trash bins so that old trash doesn’t sit out all night and stink up your property. Watch out for perishable or smelly items that could attract bugs or other pests, too.

• Clean the Facility Office

Sweep and wipe down your front office before heading out for the day. That includes desks, counters, reception areas, and windows. Keeping your office consistently clean will cut down on cleaning time each day and can make a great first impression with customers visiting your facility.

• Check Security & Lock Up

Just like you did before opening, inspect all of your security systems to make sure they’re up and running before you leave. After you’ve completed that, take a few minutes to lock any doors and gates that are open during the day. Be sure that all electronically operated doors and all gates are closed and locked as well.

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