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Apartment Storage Solutions

Our self storage facilities offer flexible month-to-month terms and a variety of sizes to meet your needs. A smaller self storage unit can serve as an extra closet, or a larger unit can hold furniture and other possessions.

Self storage can be a practical solution if you are renting an apartment, townhouse or condo, or simply in transition and need a place for you things. If you are looking for temporary storage or are in an apartment with limited storage, self storage can be a great solution.

Apartment Storage Tips

  • Use storage to hold items that you will need seasonally
    You may want to store winter or summer clothes, or store items that you will need for school during school vacations. Because most self storage facilities rent units by the month, it is easy to store certain things temporarily, only during the periods of time when you will not be using those belongings.
  • Use storage to hold items that you will need eventually but do not need right now.
    Self storage is the perfect place to store boxes of clothes that you are waiting for children to grow into, the crib you are saving for a baby who is not due for several more months, or even the birthday or Christmas presents that you are saving until the big day.
  • Use storage to childproof your apartment.
    Put items into storage if they are dangerous to children, and are not items that you must use every day. For example, you might want to store guns and ammunition that you use for hunting, boxes of fishing hooks, or fragile glass knick-knacks or vases that could shatter if a child were to knock them over.
  • Use storage to hold items that you are planning to sell on Craig’s List or eBay.
    Storing these items will keep them safe until you are able to sell them.
  • Use storage to hold the belongings of a college student who has moved away from home.
    Students often do not have enough storage at school to hold all of their belongings, but families may need the bedroom space after a college student moves out.
  • Allocate a certain amount of storage to each family member, letting each person choose certain things that will go into storage.
    If you choose this kind of apartment storage system, you may even want to rent several of the smallest units available instead of one larger one, to allow children to have their own storage space that they can arrange the way they wish to. This technique can be especially helpful for families in which children must share a room.

    Alternatively, rent one larger unit but give each family member their own space within the unit by allocating each person a rolling cart or set of shelves.

  • Talk to your self storage facility manager to get more apartment storage ideas.
    Your facility manager may have ideas that are customized to your community or may have noticed common methods used by families to handle apartment storage.

Tools to Help You Get Started

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  • Check out our Storage Tips for valuable information.
  • Use our Size Estimator to determine the storage unit size you need.
  • Have a question? We have the answer in our FAQ section.


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