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A pontoon boat on a trailer in front of drive-up units at a self storage facility.

Your Guide to Boat Storage Rates

How much does it cost to store a boat? In our guide below, Extra Space Storage explains average boat storage costs, how price can be impacted by different storage factor, and more!

How Much Does Boat Storage Cost?

On average, boat storage prices can be found as low as $50 a month and up to $400 a month at self storage locations across the country. That said, boat rental rates can change based on location, availability, type of boat storage, vehicle size, additional features, and state taxes.

What Impacts Boat Storage Costs?

The cost of boat storage can change depending on where you’re renting from in your local area, what local real estate market prices are, what type of boat storage you rent, how big your boat is, and more.


Where you live can greatly impact the cost of boat storage. Cities with higher costs of living and more expensive real estate markets can drive up the cost of boat storage prices in your area. In addition, larger cities typically price boat storage higher, as space comes at a premium in bigger metros.


Your boat storage rates can also be impacted by the size of your vehicle. Larger watercraft like sport boats and pontoons will require larger storage units and outdoor parking spaces, which typically cost more, whereas jet skis and small fishing boats can fit into smaller, more affordable storage spaces.


Indoor boat storage, outdoor boat storage, and covered boat storage are often available at different prices. Outdoor vehicle storage is usually the most affordable option, as it provides less coverage for your boat.

Climate Control

If you rent boat storage with additional features like climate control, your monthly rental costs may be higher. Climate-controlled storage generally adds about $25-$50 a month to your storage unit rental.

What Are the Most Popular Markets for Boat Storage?

We’ve compiled a list of a few Extra Space Storage’s markets across the country to highlight some average minimum and maximum boat storage rates.


City Minimum Price (monthly) Maximum Price (monthly)
Mesa, AZ $75 $208
Phoenix, AZ $66 $88
Oceanside, CA $58 $291
Fort Myers, FL $64 $216
Lakeland, FL $123 $285
Naples, FL $81 $250
Riverview, FL $88 $217
Pompano Beach, FL $118 $1,167
West Palm Beach, FL $93 $342
Henderson, NV $35 $198
Mt Pleasant, SC $53 $276
North Charleston, SC $55 $331
Conroe, TX $88 $98
Kemah, TX $49 $233

Note: Pricing ranges in this table include all types of boat storage, including indoor, outdoor, and covered. All prices are for reference only and are subject to change without notice.


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