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Making a Payment

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Updating Account Info

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Making a Payment

Can I pay my bills online?

How do I set up automatic payment?

What happens if I’m late making a payment?

How long after my account is delinquent will my belongings go to auction?

What happens if my belongings go to auction?

Updating Account Info

What can I do with the My Account portal?

How do I update my information on my account?

How can I change my email options?

Can I cancel my insurance online?


What happens if somebody steals from my storage unit?

What can I do at a kiosk?

What should I do if I can’t sign into the website?

Why can’t I access my account outside of the U.S.?

What if I forget my access code or key?

How do I report maintenance issues?

Moving Out

What happens if I leave items in my storage unit?

What’s the process for moving out?

How much notice is required to move out?

What do I need to move out?