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Miami, FL and beach

Small Apartment Living in Miami: How to Get More with Less

Moving to Miami? Home to hot spots like South Beach and Little Havana, Miami offers residents beautiful beaches, diverse culture, excellent clubbing, and amazing restaurants. Combine that with the city’s amazing weather, and it’s practically paradise! Unfortunately, getting a spacious home in Miami costs a pretty penny, which means you may have to settle for a small apartment. How small? Think 500 square feet. Don’t let that turn you off from living in Miami, though! There are plenty of ways to make the most of your space! Take it from Miami small business owner Daniel Paguaga, whose small living space allows him to experience more.

Here are a few reasons why you’ll love living in a small apartment in Miami.

Get Creative with a Small Space

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Designing and decorating a 500-square-foot apartment is challenging. The good news is a smaller space helps you make more deliberate design choices, so you’ll have less clutter! Rather than purchasing an entire living room set, you can find unique furniture that fits your space. Or you can pick up a new skill by learning to build shelving with more storage. These guides for how to live in small spaces and space-saving furniture ideas are a great place to start!

Spend Less Time Cleaning

One of the benefits of living in a smaller apartment is that you’ll cut your cleaning time in half! After all, who wants to spend an entire weekend cleaning a massive apartment when there’s a new restaurant or gorgeous beach to explore in Miami?

Ditch the Inside for the Outside

In cities that experience cold weather, it’s easy to hang out inside a cozy apartment. In Miami, the weather practically begs you to be outside all the time! Average temperatures stay between 68°F and 84°F, and the air quality index is 17% better than the national average. Plus, there are tons of outdoor activities in Miami that you need to experience! What are you waiting for? Get outside!

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Get in Shape While Exploring Miami

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Biking is a great way to stay in shape, save gas, and explore your city all at once! Miami has a number of options for bike rentals that are affordable and fun. Companies like Citi Bike Miami and Bike and Roll make it a breeze to ride around the city without having to worry about bike storage. If you’re a runner, Miami has 260 parks and scenic spots like the Venetian Causeway and Downtown Miami Baywalk!

Make the Beach Your Couch

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This cannot be stressed enough: Miami has beautiful beaches. Don’t stay inside your apartment when there’s plenty of Vitamin D to soak up on white-sand beaches! Keep that beach vibe going with a meal at Crazy About You, a waterside bistro with delicious food and gorgeous ocean views.

Enjoy a Meal at One of Miami’s Many Restaurants

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With more than 34% of Miami residents hailing from Cuba, Miami is known for delicious Cuban cuisine. Make a trip to the renowned Versailles in the heart of Miami. From brunch to fried pork chunks (a Cuban classic dish), this spot will make you fall in love with Cuban food! Try their Famous Cuban Sandwich with sweet ham, roast pork, and Swiss cheese on Cuban bread.

Grab a Craft Beer at a Local Brewery

Miami is making a name for itself in the craft beer scene. Concrete Beach Brewery offers delicious brews like Miami Gras Juniper Saison and Tropic of Passion Wheat Ale. J Wakefield Brewing is a Miami staple that boasts a wonderfully nerdy tap room and great beer. Try the Hops 4 Teacher IPA or La Nada Stout. Wynwood Brewing Company is Miami’s first craft production brewery and has incredible brews of all flavors. Enjoy the Magic City Pale Ale or refreshing La Rubia Blond Ale.

Choose Experiences Over Possessions

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With a smaller apartment, you have the opportunity to invest in Miami itself. Less stuff means more room for experiences. Enjoy an evening of dancing at Club Space. Book a table at Fratellino for delicious comfort food classic like Spaghetti alla Carbonara. Or grab an espresso at Café Curuba on a lazy Sunday. When you downsize your life at home, it’s much easier to get out and experience Miami!

Rent a Storage Unit


If you downsize your items and find you still need more space than your small apartment offers, rent a storage unit. Extra Space Storage has facilities throughout Miami with a variety of storage unit sizes. Move items you want to keep but don’t need to have at home all the time to a self storage unit. It’s that simple!

Find a storage unit near you in Miami now!

Miami, FL and beach
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