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Do storage facilities offer RV & boat storage solutions?

Extra Space Storage does offer RV storage and boat storage solutions at many of our self storage facilities across the U.S. We have indoor vehicle storage, covered vehicle storage, and outdoor vehicle storage options that can accommodate large vehicles like RVs and boats.

  • Indoor RV & Boat Storage

    • Available at locations with drive-up access for vehicle storage use

    • Provides the best protection from the elements

    • Can be more expensive and limited for larger RVs and boats

  • Outdoor RV & Boat Storage

    • The most common vehicle storage offering at Extra Space Storage

    • Affordable parking spaces that can handle RVs and boats of all sizes

    • Doesn't provide protection from the elements

  • Covered RV & Boat Storage

    • Commonly used for boat and RV storage due to large stall sizes

    • Provides some protection from the elements

    • Not as widely available as indoor and outdoor vehicle storage

We recommend measuring the dimensions of your vehicle before renting a vehicle storage unit. You can even use our Vehicle Storage Size Estimator tool to get an idea of what size you need!

Additionally, when renting vehicle storage for an RV or boat at Extra Space Storage, there are guidelines and requirements that you must follow:

  • Wheels must be in good, working order on all stored vehicles.

  • Vehicles must be driven into the storage unit, not towed or stored on blocks.

  • Current registration and proof of insurance is required.

  • Boats and RVs should have current license plates.

  • Any tags that expire while in storage should be renewed.

  • Remove as much gasoline from the fuel tank as possible before storing.

  • Trailers must be roadworthy.

  • Tires must be inflated and inspected for signs of dry rot.

  • No repairs or extensive maintenance may be performed inside the storage unit.

  • Covers are recommended for vehicles stored outside and may be required for unsightly vehicles.

  • Tire locks and tie downs are allowed for additional security.

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