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Father’s Day Ideas: 17 Ways to Help Dad Around the House

Are you looking for a way to show Dad some appreciation this Father’s Day? Instead of another tie, consider helping him out with household tasks or a home improvement project. Here are 17 ways you can help Dad around the house!

Assist with Odd Jobs at Home

Make Dad’s day easier by assisting with a bunch of household tasks, such as taking out the trash, unclogging plugged drains, cleaning out the gutters, and changing HVAC filters. This might seem like a simple Father’s Day gift, but he’ll really appreciate you scratching some of his regular chores off of the list!

Take Care of the Lawn

Large Home with Freshly Cut Green Grass. Photo by Instagram user @rppct

Photo via @rppct

Make sure Dad’s lawn always looks green and healthy! Fertilize the lawn several times each year, or hire a fertilization company. Program the irrigation system so the entire yard receives proper watering. And don’t forget to help out by mowing the lawn and trimming the edges!

Work on the Landscaping

Backyard Fire Pit with Burning Logs. Photo by Instagram user @fitswearingen

Photo via @fitswearingen

Does Dad have DIY landscaping and backyard design projects he wants to tackle this summer? Whether it’s building a fire pit, creating a water feature, adding more mulch in the garden, or finishing the patio, lend a hand so that Dad can finish the projects and get the yard of his dreams!

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Create the Ultimate Outdoor Living Space

Help Dad create his ideal outdoor sanctuary! If he wants a place to entertain guests or just relax during retirement, work with him to design an outdoor living room. If he’s a big fan of backyard barbecues, consider building an outdoor kitchen. Whatever his goal, you can create an outdoor living space that fits into his budget!

Set Up Smart Home Tech

Google Nest Smart Doorbell. Photo by Instagram user @googlenest

Photo via @googlenest

Modern home technology makes organizing a home easier than ever, but Dad may not have the time or know-how to take advantage of it. Help him out by adding smart gadgets throughout the house that allow him to control the lighting, change the thermostat, check who’s at the front door, and more!

Update an Old Paint Job

Updated Living Room with New Paint. Photo by Instagram user @thehudsonlane

Photo via @thehudsonlane

If Dad’s home interior could use a revamp, lend a hand with an interior paint project! Take down any outdated wallpaper or strip the walls of old paint, and help him choose paint colors that will bring a more modern look and feel into his home!

Revamp the Kitchen

Not only is a kitchen renovation one of the most cost-effective ways to add value to a home, but it also encourages more home cooking and a healthier lifestyle. If Dad’s kitchen could use a refresh, consider upgrading hardware and lighting, building new cabinets, or installing an island!

Make Over the Bedroom

Minimalist Bedroom with Gray Walls. Photo by Instagram user @dis_inredning

Photo via @dis_inredning

Update Dad’s bedroom so that it can help him feel comfortable and rested. Start with the bed! If he’s had the same bed frame or mattress for years, help him pick out a new one. Replace outdated furniture or reupholster items that have sentimental value. If Dad enjoys reading before bed, find a proper nightstand and bedside lighting. Or help him find a new rug that ties the whole room together!

Reorganize His Closet

Organized Men's Closet with Tie Drawer Pulled Out. Photo by Instagram user @joelthrinidad

Photo via @joelthrinidad

Ensure Dad can always find what he needs by helping him organize his closet. Invest in a shoe rack, install tie rollers or hanging racks, and buy him a watch box organizer. Group similar clothes together and prioritize space for ones that need to be kept unwrinkled (i.e., hang dress shirts, store gym shorts in a drawer).

Improve the Bathroom

Is Dad’s bathroom out of date? Help him with his bathroom remodeling goals! Make things easier for him by adding a shower bench or a high-tech shower head. Consider replacing an outdated tub with a zero-entry shower. Add storage with recessed shower shelves and built-in shelving above the sink. And do away with any old laminate floors by installing new tile to really complete the look!

Get the Laundry Room in Order

Organize this space to make washing and drying clothes a breeze! Add wall storage for laundry detergent, fabric softeners, and dryer sheets. Hang a wire shelving unit on the back of the door to store cleaning supplies, and install a drying rack from the ceiling for items that require air drying.

Organize the Storage Room

Organized Storage Room using Plastic Totes. Photo by Instagram user @neatlydonekc

Photo via @neatlydonekc

Decluttering the storage room may seem like a daunting task, but it’ll make Dad’s life easier! Start by taking inventory of all items, then help Dad decide which are necessary to keep and which can be sold, donated, or thrown away. Group belongings into categories and store them in color-coordinated, labeled bins that make them easy to find and access when they’re needed. Install a wire shelving unit to store these bins, and buy Dad a few filing cabinets to keep track of important documents.

Design the Ultimate Dad Space

Every dad needs a place to call his own around the house—whether that’s a game room, man cave, or just a cozy space to unwind. Transform an attic space, basement, or flex room into a comfortable spot Dad will love spending time in! Put some of his favorite memorabilia on the walls, buy comfy furniture, install a fridge to store his favorite beverages, and mount a TV so he doesn’t miss any big games.

Finish the Basement

Finished Basement with Built in Shelving and Shiplap on Walls. Photo by Instagram user @mbkdesign_indy

Photo via @mbkdesign_indy


Does Dad’s basement need a serious revamp? Help him create his dream space downstairs! Finished basements are popular home remodeling projects for a reason—they provide additional livable square footage and create a place for gathering and relaxing. Think about adding a home theater, office space, wet bar, or cozy den for Dad to enjoy!

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Declutter the Garage

Garages tend to be one of the messiest areas in the house. Help Dad declutter and organize his garage by sorting items into keep, donate, and toss piles. Then, assemble garage shelving and storage cabinets where anything Dad keeps—like lawn equipment, sporting gear, and tools—can be neatly stored!

Prep the Home for Sale

If Dad is putting his home up for sale, give him some help with getting everything ready! Identify landscaping jobs that can immediately improve curb appeal and make the home more attractive to prospective buyers. Touch up the paint and assist with home staging. And be there to help him work with real estate agents so that he can sell the home fast.

Help Him Downsize for Retirement

Is Dad nearing retirement and considering downsizing? If so, he’s not alone—more than 40% of Americans plan to move into a smaller home once they stop working. Dad may need help making tough decisions when it comes to parting with sentimental items, selling his home, and identifying where he wants to live next. Offer to help in whatever capacity he needs!


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