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Extra Space Storage: Management Plus

Extra Space Storage Offers Premier Third-Party Self Storage Management System

Did you know Extra Space Storage is the largest third-party self storage management company? Through our ManagementPlus platform, we provide a turnkey solution for storage operators that gives them access to the same resources that make Extra Space Storage properties successful.

Recently, we celebrated the addition of our 600th store to our third-party management platform. This was a major milestone for our company, as we now operate more than 1,700 storage facilities across 40 states in the U.S., as well as in Washington, DC and Puerto Rico. ManagementPlus properties are currently around 35% of the Extra Space Storage portfolio.

“A key benefit of the Extra Space Storage management platform is every store is run as if we own it,” said Eric Bishop-Berry, Director of Third-Party Management. “Every facility has equal prominence on the web, in the call center, and benefits equally from the industry’s strongest operating platform.”

When operating with ManagementPlus, storage owners get full oversight of their facilities while also having the support of a national company. With a call center focused on customer acquisition, a facility services team that handles contracts and warranty needs, revenue experts who provide competitive pricing, cutting-edge digital marketing, brand training for improved customer experience, and more, Extra Space Storage offers a mutually-beneficial partnership that drives revenue and innovation.

In fact, thanks to our size and scale, we’re able to collect more data that allows us to make smarter decisions and create more cost-efficient structures that ultimately improve ManagementPlus and our partnerships.

“Extra Space Storage, as a company, was built on partnerships,” continued Bishop-Berry. “It’s in our DNA. Management Plus was rolled out over ten years ago, offering the industry a superior management solution. We continue to be partner-centric and recognize the value and insight of our partners.”

Learn more about ManagementPlus and how we can help your self storage facility here.