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Reasons We Love Working at Extra Space Storage

19 Reasons We Love Working at Extra Space Storage

Happy Valentine’s Day! This year, we’re celebrating the holiday of love and friendship by asking some of our team members to share what they love about working at Extra Space Storage. Whether it’s the people, the culture, or simply the color green, here are 19 reasons why our people love working here!

Nick Jaggi, Talent Development Specialist

“I love Extra Space because I know they care about me, not only as an employee but as an individual as well.”

Mary Hernandez, District Team Lead

“I found a place I love to wake up and come to work.”

Mike Pontillo, Senior Vice President of Operations

“Simple—the people! Every great thing we do, and results we achieve, is because of the team we have!”

Karen Pierce, District Vice President

“I love Extra Space because I feel like my work makes a difference for our employees, customers, and the business as a whole.”

Steven Lemell, Inbound Sales Representative

“I love Extra Space because it’s a company that stands for and by its people. Despite how much Extra Space continues to grow, they still take time to listen to employee feedback and implement change based on that feedback. They create a work culture that is fun, inclusive, and promotes growth, all the while still allowing for a career with a work-life balance I haven’t seen anywhere else.”

Elisa Ramier, Facility Services Manager

“The people!”

Rich Keeler, Vice President of Product Engineering

“My favorite color is green, so we’re a perfect match!”

John Standage, Vice President of Process & Cost Optimization

“Wicked smart colleagues, and we don’t rest on our laurels.”

Dereck Conway, District Team Lead

“I love Extra Space for so many reasons. The people, the culture, the opportunities for advancement, and the teamwork. I truly love working here. I found my home.”

Gloria Velazquez, Field Operations Manager

“It is definitely our amazing people! It can’t be work when you love what you do and who you do it for!”

Julie Baukus, Director of Operations Support

“I love Extra Space because of our people. Everyone lives our values, treats others with respect, and values you for you. Our leaders encourage you to succeed.”

Doug Anderson, Senior Director of Learning & Talent Development

“I love Extra Space because of the amazing people I get to work with each day. I feel extremely lucky to have leaders, peers, and staff that I love engaging, working, and collaborating with. It is all about the people!”

Carrie Boudreau, Division Learning Manager

“Authentic people who are creating an incredible culture focused on the company compass always leading us to our north star.”

Matt Luba, District Manager

“I love Extra Space due to our industry-leading team members and amazing culture!”

Arturo Oliva, District Team Lead

“We are a real team (and my store was closed for the Super Bowl)!”

Sinel Eloi, District Manager

“I love Extra Space because it values its people as much as the business.”

Frank Almarez, District Manager

“It’s all about people and the value each of us brings. Gotta Love it!”

Lionel Berryhill, District Team Lead

“Two words… Spot Cards!”

Ana Arzola, District Manager in Training

“I love Extra Space because it’s a safe space (no pun intended). Here, everyone can be who they are, and I am able to work with such amazing people because of that. Every day I am truly amazed by the lengths that Extra Space goes through to include everyone and acknowledge that everyone from Assistant Managers to the CEO has a voice. Proud to be #TeamExtraSpace.”

From all of us at Extra Space, we wish you a day filled with love, joy, and happiness.

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