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21 Playroom Design Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Do you have a spare room in your home? Turn it into the ultimate kids playroom! Whether your little ones love to dress up, play with toys, or work on crafts, there are tons of playroom design ideas for you try!

Paint with Bright Colors

Colorful buildings mural in kids room. Photo by Instagram user @amomooui
Photo via @amomooui

Color is key when designing a creative space that kids will love. Paint the walls with their favorite colors, an underwater theme, or a hand-drawn design for an eye-catching accent wall. Neutral colors are also great idea for those looking to style a modern playroom or who aren’t completely ready to take the plunge with bold colors. Just add some flair with a bright rug or pillows for that wow-factor.

Install Easy-to-Clean Flooring

Kids rug with race tracks on it. Photo by Instagram user @urbanbabyshop
Photo via @urbanbabyshop

Opting for floors that are wood or linoleum is a smart idea for spare room playrooms that might be prone to stains. If you’re looking for playroom flooring ideas that won’t break the bank or require much renovation, try foam flooring. It’s easy to clean, and it’s a fun way to add color and comfort to the room.

Decorate with Wall Decals

Yellow crown decals on white wall in kids room. Photo by Instagram user @superwallart
Photo via @superwallart

Interests, activities, and styles usually change as kids discover new things and get older. Stick-on wall decals are the perfect playroom decor solution for parents who want to create a cool space without having to commit to a specific wall color or theme.


Create a Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard wall with planets on it by a yellow chair. Photo by Instagram user @decodecodeart
Photo via @decodecorart

You won’t be afraid of your kids coloring on the wall with a playroom chalkboard wall! Kids and parents alike love this easy and fun DIY decor idea because it allows little ones to freely decorate the walls while giving parents peace of mind knowing that cleanup is easy and not permanent.

Add Toy Cubbies

Rainbow banner above black and white cubbies. Photo by Instagram user @strollinwithmyhomies
Photo via @strollinwithmyhomies

Utilize vertical wall space in a new playroom by putting in a toy cubby! This is one of the best playroom storage ideas because it allows your kids to display their favorite toys and easily access any books, games, or play sets without having to dig through boxes in a closet.

Incorporate Cute Storage Bins

Grey, white, and black storage cube in room with kids art. Photo by Instagram user @elizabethcancaan
Photo via @elizabethcancaan

Kids room decorating ideas don’t need to be complex. With cute wicker baskets or patterned totes, you can get both fun designs and playroom storage. And if labeling isn’t quite your thing, color coordinate the toy storage bins to ensure your little ones can find exactly what they’re looking for!

Build Decorative Shelves

Floating shelves with rainbow decor on shelves. Photo by Instagram user @velveteen_babies
Photo via @velveteen_babies

Floating shelves, free-standing shelves, and bookcases are all great playroom decorating ideas for changing up that spare room. Use them for toy and book storage, or display cute decorations like a framed picture, wooden trinkets, or vase of fake flowers to jazz up the room.

Set Up Cabinets

White cabinets with wicker baskets underneath. Photo by Instagram user @thetot
Photo via @thetot

This playroom furniture idea lets you hide even the most disastrous of messes. You’ll have a home for items that don’t necessarily fit in storage boxes while keeping a clean and safe area. Use playroom cabinets to store board games, cards, construction paper, and any other craft supplies that need organizing.

Include Tables for Crafts

Small brown tables in kids art room. Photo by Instagram user @whiteandwander
Photo via @whiteandwander

Whether you’re working with a large or small spare room, tables are a staple for any playroom. Kids can use them for craft projects, assembling racetracks, and putting together puzzles. Not to mention a playroom table is nice for having a place to enjoy an afternoon snack and juicebox!

Add Comfy Seating

Black and white polka dot room with fuzzy carpet. Photo by Instagram user @winterdaisykids
Photo via @winterdaisykids

No matter what playroom design you go with, seating that’s comfortable and easy to lounge on is essential. Keep it simple with a few small bean bag chairs and a fur rug, or incorporate a variety of fun pieces like floor cushions, a couch, and large stuffed animals.

Integrate Furniture with Storage

Window bench with built-in wicker basket underneath. Photo by Instagram user @homeware_wonders
Photo via @homeware_wonders

Functional and fun are necessary components when it comes to picking out kids playroom furniture. Ottomans with storage, hollowed-out benches, or benches with enough space underneath for baskets provide ample seating and help with playroom organization.

Create a “Nap Time” Space

Kids corner with pillows and canopy. Photo by Instagram user @linemerete_
Photo via @linemerete_

A kids playroom doesn’t just have to be for playing games and pretending to be astronauts. Creating a designated nap space in a playroom allows your child to recharge and jump right back into their day of fun! Simply add a small daybed or large pillow with some blankets, and nestle it in a corner for a cozy space.

Display Kids Artwork

Drawing of a hedgehog and fox hanging on wall. Photo by Instagram use @nurseryroom
Photo via @nurseryroom

Putting your little one’s art projects on the wall is both a fantastic playroom wall decor idea and terrific way to show off their masterpieces. All you need is a few frames to keep the pictures in place and some hooks or nails to fasten them on the wall. For a more budget-friendly alternative, hang a wire clothes line or wooden hangers on thumbtacks to showcase new pictures frequently!

Create a Mini Stage

Mini stage with curtain and princess dresses. Photo by Instagram user @bailey.nomi
Photo via @bailey.nomi

This children’s playroom idea is an easy project. The experienced carpenter will love this low-cost DIY playroom stage that requires some lumber, drywall anchors, and drapery panels. But if you’re looking for a simpler option, buy some cute curtains and a shower rod to install in a corner of the room.

Put Together a Dress-Up Corner

Kids corner with princess dresses hanging up. Photo by Instagram user @estoreta
Photo via @estoreta

Let your kids transform from a wizard to a princess in a flash with a dress-up corner! Just add a metal hanging rack, some hooks, wicker baskets, and a mirror to any corner of a spare room, and let your little one’s imagination run wild!

Suspend a Swing

Yellow swings hanging from ceiling in yellow striped room. Photo by Instagram user @interiorjoy
Photo via @interiorjoy

Looking for fun decor that will allow your kids to stay active even indoors? A swing should be at the top of your list! This unique feature is the perfect idea for an attic playroom, and it’s easy to install yourself. All you need is some industrial hooks, rope, and a sturdy board. (Make sure everything is properly supported!)

Toss in a Ball Pit

Grey kid room with marble-patterned ball pit. Photo by Instagram user @daisies_dinosaurs_decor
Photo via @daisies_dinosaurs_decor

A mini ball pit is an ideal playroom addition that will turn any spare room into the cutest indoor attraction. Kids of all ages love this safe playroom idea, and it’s easy create your own with a baby pool and some plastic balls. You can even upgrade the size as the children grow!

Add a Cozy Fort

Navy room with kids tree fort with bed. Photo by Instagram user @babytalk
Photo via @babytalk_

Having a fort that goes beyond blankets and pillows is a fun decor must-have for a playroom. Get creative with themed forts like an indoor treehouse, pirate ship, or castle. A teepee fort is an excellent alternative if you’re looking for playroom ideas on a budget.


Build a Playhouse Under Stairs

White playhouse with painted tree under stairs. Photo by Instagram user @design_by_desiree
Photo via @designs_by_desiree

If you’re designing a basement playroom with your spare room, amp up the space with a custom a playhouse. Often, the space under the stairs goes unused, but you can utilize that vacant area by turning it into a custom playhouse kids will love!

Give Your Kids a Reading Nook

Reading corner with books and colorful pillows. Photo by Instagram user @firstsenseinteriors
Photo via @firstsenseinteriors

No kids playroom is complete without a reading nook. Add some floating shelves, fluffy pillows, a few blankets, and your tot’s favorite stories, and they can unwind with a good book after a long day of playing!

Invest in a Slide

Grey kids room with fuzzy rug and white slide. Photo by Instagram user @jupiduu_original
Photo via @jupiduu_original

An indoor slide is on every kids dream playroom list! Install a playground-style slide for endless thrills, or incorporate a miniature-size slide that’s cheaper and easy to store for more playroom space.

Now’s the time to get creative! Whether you’re in need of ideas for a small playroom or wanting to go all-out with an indoor playground, the options are endless for designing a room that your children will love. Looking for ways to tidy up a kids room and corral toys? Check out these kids room organization and storage ideas.

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