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Pink and blue upgraded teen bedroom design.

28 Design Ideas for Upgrading a Teen Bedroom

Looking for creative ways to upgrade your teen’s bedroom? Transforming their room may seem challenging, but with these teen bedroom decor, design, and organization ideas, you can create a stylish and functional space your teen will love!

Decide on a Fun Theme

Work with your teen to gather inspiration for their room from magazines, blogs, and decorating websites. Put together a budget and design a bedroom theme that includes anything from paint and accent furniture to bedding and desk accessories. A cohesive theme will make a teen bedroom feel more modern and trendy.

Give the Room a Splash of Paint

Teen bedroom with light blue walls.

Photo via @grayoakstudio

Adding a new coat of paint is an easy teen room decor idea that will give their bedroom a brand new look! When choosing bedroom paint colors, a neutral solid color will transition a space from a tween room to a teen room seamlessly. If your teen wants more color on the walls, paint bold colors on the trim or go with a vibrant accent wall.

Add Vibrant Wallpaper

If you’re nervous about letting your teen paint their walls with bright colors, try adding stick-on wallpaper for a bold pop of color that can be easily changed. Stencils, decals, and accent walls with washi tape are other design tricks that can be used to upgrade a room.

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Don’t Forget the Ceiling

For a truly unique teen bedroom, paint a fun pattern on the ceiling! If the ceiling is textured, use a stencil for a similar effect. You can also switch out light fixtures for another easy room upgrade. Spice up your teen’s room with an elegant chandelier or a more modern design like a bamboo light fixture!

Upgrade Existing Furniture

Modern chair with zig-zag upholstery.

Photo via @idolthumb

Looking for creative, budget-friendly ways to update furniture? Reupholstering chairs, painting picture frames and dressers, and adding fabric to lampshades are all great ways to give existing furniture new life in your teen’s room. Learn how to update furniture from The Homes I Have Made.

Choose New Furniture Wisely

Bedroom with modern blue furniture.

Photo via @roomstogokids

If you plan on buying new teen bedroom furniture, think about items they can take with them to college or use when moving into their first apartment. A sturdy desk, end tables, dresser, lamps, and armchairs are all items that can be taken with them when they move out.

Trade a Twin Bed for a Daybed

A stylish daybed not only doubles as a space perfect for hanging out with friends, but it also has plenty of storage underneath for extra sheets, pillows, blankets, and childhood stuffed animals. Some daybeds even include a trundle bed, which is great if your teen shares a bedroom or loves to have sleepovers.

Fall Asleep in a Suspended Bed

Give a bedroom a unique look by hanging a bed from the ceiling! This bedroom idea is a visually interesting way to add more space and style to a teenager’s room. Learn how to make your own hanging bed with this handy tutorial from The Home Depot.

Build a Lofted Bed

Create a dorm-like space with a lofted bed! This small space hack can turn your teen’s bedroom into two separate areas. Not to mention, lofting the bed provides enough space underneath for a hangout space with a couch, a small office, or even a workout space!

Prop the Bed with Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets are a cheap way to add dimension to any teen’s room! Putting a few underneath their bed not only gives the bed height, but it also allows for extra storage space below.

Add a Unique Headboard

Crochet headboard for teen's bed.

Photo via @elledanielinc

For a quick way to add color and style to a teenager’s room, frame the bed with a headboard. This little trick can give a small bed a stylish makeover. Love DIY projects? Grab a few affordable materials and make a beautiful wingback or tufted headboard your teen will be thrilled about!

Switch Out the Bedding

Teen bedroom with flowery bedding.

Photo via @kipandcousa

Adding a new bedding set is a teen room decor idea that will instantly upgrade any room with a more grown-up feel. Be sure to include throws, extra blankets, and a range of colorful pillows to make the room feel bright and complete. Also, be sure to work with your teen to find a pattern or color they will love!

Expand the Closet

Make room for your teen’s growing closet with clever storage hacks like hanging shelves, storage boxes, and other closet organization ideas. Hanging shoe organizers, floating shelves for fabric bins, and short storage cabinets are simple ways to store any shoes or seasonal clothing items.

Install Vertical Storage

Bedroom with vertical storage, including hanging shelves.

Photo via @madebycarli

Give your teen plenty of spots to stash magazines, books, candles, and clothing with vertical storage. Wire baskets are versatile and easy to hang, while floating or corner shelves provide a home to knick-knacks and framed photos.

Include Storage for Small Items

As kids grow up, their collections change. Make sure your teen’s room is equipped with storage to fit their new interests, such as jewelry holders, magnetic makeup holders, or sleek photo albums to keep their favorite items organized.

Opt for Stylish Furniture with Storage

Storage bench at the end of bed.

Photo via @alainakaz

The definition of a “clean room” can vary from teen to teen. Give them options to store blankets, clothes, accessories, and other items by including furniture with hidden storage. Storage benches, ottomans, and baskets are all great bedroom organization ideas that will keep your teen’s room free of clutter.

Hang a Swinging Chair

Bedroom with hanging chair in corner.

Photo via @chelseyhome

A teenager’s bedroom is the perfect place to get creative with furniture! If your teen loves to read or likes to have friends over in their room, consider adding a hanging chair or a hammock for a fun space to lounge.

Integrate Bold Accent Pieces

Teen bedroom with bold accent furniture.

Photo via @memehillstudio

Faux fur rugs, artwork, and gold accent furniture are all great ways to make a teen bedroom feel more upscale. Vibrant throw pillows are a fun way to get more color, but they can be expensive. Learn how to make your own DIY pattern pillowcases that can match any decor!

Pull the Space Together with a Rug

An area rug is a simple way to upgrade the floors in a bedroom without having to worry about major renovations. Is there an extra white rug in the house? Give it a colorful revamping that will match your teen’s bedroom decor with this DIY rug dying tutorial.

Get Creative with Lighting

Bedroom with decorative lighting on the wall.

Photo via @derekmmiller

Diversifying the lighting can quickly turn a basic bedroom into a modern teen room. Put some strings lights on the headboard, paper lantern lights on the ceiling, or set up a stylish floor lamp. Don’t forget a desk lamp that your teen can use while they study!

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Put Up a Vanity

Creative vanity for makeup in bedroom.

Photo via @mycs_com

This teen bedroom decor idea not only gives your teen a place to get ready in the mornings, but it also saves space in the bathroom! You can either use a small desk or table, or make your own DIY vanity with a few floating shelves below a gorgeous mirror. Make sure to put the vanity near a few outlets for hair straighteners, hair dryers, and curling irons.

Frame Posters & Photos

Framed photographs and posters above a bedroom desk.

Photo via @velvet_juniper

Most tween bedrooms are bound to be covered in posters, art, and photos. Putting a few of their favorites in frames and creating a gallery wall gives all that artwork a curated feel. Your teen can also make a DIY photo hanger, or use colorful washi tape hang printed photos without damaging walls.

Go Green with Plants

Plants like succulents, vines, and cacti need minimal maintenance and are excellent starter houseplants for a teenage bedroom! Grab a few plants that come in an array of stylish vases, or make your our own wall planters, which are the perfect size for succulents!

Separate Areas with Curtains

Curtains are an affordable and colorful way to divide up a teen’s bedroom without major renovations. Framing the bed with curtains gives the illusion of a dreamy canopy and provides a bit of privacy. Curtains can also be used as a stylish way to separate the bed from a study area or hangout space in the room.

Create a Hangout Corner

Teens want a comfortable space where they can hang out with their friends. Create the ultimate lounging area by adding a few beanbag chairs, a small couch, or some large cushions to the room where friends can chill on the floor comfortably.

Focus on the Study Space

Teenagers need a functional study space in their bedrooms. Desks for teens should have enough room to spread out any homework and textbooks. Cork boards, chalkboard paint, or white boards are all good ways to frame a desk—not to mention, they give space to hang schedules and important papers. And don’t forget to add comfortable seating and ample lighting.

Put a Desk in an Extra Closet

Open bedroom closet with desk and chair for studying.

Photo via @loristairs

No space for a desk in your teen’s room? Take the doors off, and put a desk in an extra closet! Clear out enough space inside the closet for a desk, but save a few floating shelves for storage baskets that can hold any supplies.

Keep the Study Space Organized

Organized desk with folders in holder.

Photo via @shopladyjayne

An organized desk is key when it comes to a productive study space! Attach wire baskets, hooks, or shelves to a pegboard to hold loose items, such as markers, folders, and notebooks. Desktop organizers like mason jars and file holders are also great for keeping supplies in one convenient spot.


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Upgrade Your Teen's Bedroom: 18 Design Ideas