Organize Your Living Room with These 19 Hidden Storage Ideas

Struggling to keep your living room space looking neat and tidy? Regardless of the size of your living room, these 19 hidden storage ideas can help you organize your living room and maximize storage space!

Opt for Decorative Storage Baskets

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Adding storage baskets to living room shelves or cubbies provides excellent hidden storage! You can use baskets to contain clutter and hold miscellaneous items like blankets, books, and toys. Plus, storage baskets come in different styles like fabric, wire, rope, and rattan, so you can find options that complement your decor!

Take Advantage of Hollow Home Decor

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Not sure where to store small living room items? Tuck them away in hollowed-out home decor! There are all kinds of clever home decor pieces with hidden compartments you can buy, including picture frames and tabletop clocks. Or create a DIY coffee table book for storing remote controls and other odds and ends!

Use a Storage Ottoman

If you want living room furniture that doubles as secret storage, storage ottomans are ideal! These pieces give you additional seating and provide a hidden spot to keep blankets, pillows, and other items.

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Include a Storage Bench

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A storage bench is a piece of multi-purpose furniture that serves as both seating and secret storage in your living room. Place it out of the way against a wall or underneath a living room window to act as a window seat!

Get Hollow End Tables

Another piece of concealment furniture to try in your living room is an end table with a hollow body. Like a storage ottoman, these tables allow you to store things like chargers, magazines, kids toys, blankets, and more to keep your living room looking clean!

Find a Coffee Table with Hidden Drawers

Replace a basic coffee table with one that has built-in storage! Hidden coffee table drawers will make it easier to keep remotes, magazines, board games, coasters, and other living room items out of the way!

Try a Storage Trunk Coffee Table

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One way to add hidden storage to your living room is to use a trunk for a coffee table. Not only does a storage trunk make for a great decorative piece in your living room, but you can also store pillows, blankets, books, and other items inside of it, keeping them out of the way!

Repurpose Vintage Suitcases

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Vintage suitcases don’t just have to be for living room decoration—they can also function as end tables or coffee tables with ample storage! This hidden storage idea can help you hide items like toys, magazines, and blankets in your living room.

Go for a Convertible Sofa

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Do you need a place for guests to sleep comfortably in a small home or apartment? A convertible sofa or pullout couch is one of the most common hidden storage furniture pieces, allowing you to get seating during the day and a transitional bedroom at night!

Stash Items in a Storage Sectional

Need somewhere to keep bulkier items like blankets and pillows? A storage couch, sectional, or loveseat could be the perfect solution! With these sofas, the cushions lift up to give you extra storage in your living room!

Add Drawers Beneath a Couch

Take advantage of the space under your couch, loveseat, or sofa by adding secret storage drawers! Whether you design a bench-style couch with built-in storage or simply add pullout drawers under an existing couch, this is a great way to store kids toys, board games, DVDs, and more!

Hide the TV

Consider hiding your flat screen TV when it’s not in use! This creates a sleek look in your living room and gives you a technology-free space to relax in. There are multiple ways to hide your TV screen, including putting it behind cabinet doors or camouflaging it in a gallery wall.

Stow Items in the Fireplace Mantel

Fireplaces are often the focal point of a living room and can be a simple place for adding hidden storage! You can create secret compartments in your mantel or even build drawers into the fireplace. This clever home storage solution is excellent for storing items you don’t want out in the open.

Utilize Sliding Cabinet Doors

Sliding doors are a quick way to add hidden living room storage. You can install sliding doors on recessed cabinets, TV stands, entertainment centers, or bookshelves so that your living room is free of clutter!

Go with a Console Cabinet

Looking for hidden storage furniture for your living room? Consider adding a console cabinet! This kind of sideboard will keep items like stereos, board games, and more behind closed doors!

Build a Fauxdenza

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One great DIY hidden storage project for your living room is building a floating credenza—or “fauxdenza.” Use this creative storage space to store cable boxes, game consoles, DVD players, and more!

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Store Items in a Rattan Cabinet

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Hidden storage can be stylish, too! If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, choose a piece of furniture like a rattan cabinet for extra storage in your living room. The woven look gives your living room a light and airy vibe while keeping books, magazines, toys, and other items stored out of sight.

Create a Hidden Closet

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Don’t have a lot of room in your living room for additional storage furniture pieces? Consider adding a hidden closet! Whether you have an under-the-stairs storage space or a small existing closet in your living room, you can transform these spots into hidden storage simply by building a cabinet, bookshelf, or sliding door over top!

Design a Hideaway Office

Do you use your living room as a makeshift home office? Keep your chair, computer, keyboard, and other office supplies out of sight with hideaway cabinets and drawers!

Looking for more home organization and storage ideas? Check out these home decluttering tips and space-saving renovation ideas!


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