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Group of neighbors at a backyard dinner party

How to Welcome New Neighbors

Has a new family recently moved into your neighborhood? Helping them feel welcome is an easy way to pay it forward! With everything from new neighbor gift ideas to etiquette for introducing yourself, our list below will help you determine the best way to say “Welcome to the neighborhood!”

Say Hello

If you see your new neighbors on moving day, stop by to say a quick hello! Because they’re busy unpacking, make sure to keep it brief, but let them know you’d love to get to know them better once they’re settled so they can adjust to their new home.

Offer to Help Them Unload

Woman unpacking moving boxes. Photo by Instagram user @ahopefulhood

Photo via @ahopefulhood

Everyone knows how stressful moving can be, but lots of hands can make it a breeze! If you have the time, consider offering to help unload boxes when you make your initial introduction. While your new neighbors may not want to accept your help just yet, the gesture alone might mean a lot to them.

Set Up a Playdate

Do your new neighbors have kids close in age to your own? One idea to help them feel welcome is by offering to have their kids come over and play with your kids. If your kids walk home from school or ride the bus together, be sure to also share this information with your neighbors. This is a great way for the new kids to make some friends and adjust before school starts.

Stop by with a Group

Church group gathers at house. Photo by Instagram user @gracelifeinaz

Photo via @gracelifeinaz

If you noticed a new family living down the block but missed them on moving day, try organizing a time for a group of people from your neighborhood to stop by and say hello! Rounding up neighbors along the street is a great way to help the area’s new residents get to know the faces around them—and it means they won’t have a doorbell that keeps ringing over and over in the first few weeks!

Leave a Card

A welcome greeting card. Photo by Instagram user @thecardstudio

Photo via @thecardstudio

Don’t want to bug your new neighbors right away? Let a card be the initial introduction! Cards are a fantastic option for greeting new neighbors because it lets them know you’re thinking of them, while also giving them space to get acquainted in their home before meeting people.

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Bring Baked Goods

Baked goods gift basket for new neighbors. Photo by Instagram user @leahconti

Photo via @leahconti

Bringing over cookies, muffins, or other baked goods is an easy way to welcome new neighbors to the neighborhood! Just make sure you’re being mindful of food allergies where you can, and consider listing ingredients on your dessert just in case.

Drop Off a Resource Letter

Resource gift basket for neighbors. Photo by Instagram user @mpower1971

Photo via @mpower1971

If you’re part of a tight-knit community, consider putting together a welcome letter. You can include everything from when trash days are and the name of everyone’s favorite plumber to where the closest grocery store is and who’s the best babysitter on the block. A letter full of helpful tips will be valuable for newcomers and is easy to reuse!

Make a Welcome Basket

Giving a gift basket is a classic housewarming gift idea for new neighbors! There are plenty of pre-made gift baskets you can find at local stores that feature everything from home goods to snack foods and beverages. Or if you love to craft, you can put together a DIY welcome basket with your own unique spin!

Give a Local Gift

Local gifts from The Why Gallery. Photo by Instagram user @tamsyngill

Photo via @tamsyngill

Finding a way to localize your new neighbor gift can add sentimental value and meaning to a present. Many neighborhoods have signature art, decor, or food nearby. Since you’re the expert on your neighborhood, consider getting a welcome gift that helps show your neighbor just what makes their new home so special!

Invite Them to the Neighborhood Association

Does your neighborhood have an association, community organization, or watch group? Invite the area’s new residents to join! Not only does this help your new neighbors feel included, but it also demonstrates that your local neighborhood is safe and connected!

Connect Through Social Media

Hand holding phone showing Nextdoor App. Photo by Instagram user @nextdoor

Photo via @nextdoor

Is your neighborhood part of NextDoor? Does your cul-de-sac have a Facebook group? Help the new family feel welcome by getting them quickly added to all neighborhood groups on social media. That way, they’re up to date on any holiday parties or important alerts for the area.

Lend a Hand with Yard Work

Lawn mower mowing grass. Photo by Instagram user @nextdoor

Photo via @nextdoor

Your new neighbors could have just moved from an apartment, which means they might not have a lawnmower or snow blower yet. If you see that their grass is getting long or their sidewalks aren’t shoveled, consider taking the extra time to do their lawn or driveway in addition to your own!

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Host a Welcome Party

Neighborhood block party with family. Photo by Instagram user @sageroofing

Photo via @sageroofing

Once you’ve given your neighbors time to get settled, consider coordinating a welcome dinner or neighborhood block party. The only way to really get to know your new neighbors is to spend some time with them! Coordinate with your other neighbors to host a gathering where everyone can become better acquainted. A potluck is perfect for large gatherings because everyone can bring dishes.

Reconnect in a Month

Your neighbors might initially be bombarded with attention when they first move in. Stopping by a month or so later to see how they’re settling in is an excellent idea to make new neighbors feel welcome. This lets them know that you care to get to know them more and want them to feel included, even after the newness has worn off!

There are many ways to welcome new neighbors! Whether you’d rather stop by with a bottle of wine or leave a thoughtful card, doing these little things could make their day. Moving can be scary and stressful, but simply saying hello with a warm smile could be the random act of kindness your new neighbor needs to feel at home!