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Modern gray couch in minimalist white living room

The Best Ways to Sell Furniture Online

Getting new furniture soon? Moving across the countryDownsizing to a smaller home? These are all situations where you might need to sell your furniture in a hurry. Below, we share helpful tips and tricks to ensure you advertise your used furniture on the best online marketplaces and in the best way possible so you can get rid of them quickly and for good money!

Best Places to Sell Your Furniture Online

Vintage bar cart. Photo by Instagram user @retrodeo.la

Photo via @retrodeo.la

There are a lot of ways to buy and sell furniture online today, but some sites stand out from the pack. If your goal is to sell something quickly, here are your five best options for used furniture marketplaces:

Each of these marketplace options come with desktop and mobile availability, making it easy for you to manage any listing for furniture you’re selling from anywhere. You can be at work and easily receive and accept offers while also setting up a time and place to exchange the items. All options allow you to upload images and a good description, and they provide messaging options that make finalizing a sale simple.

On top of these options, there’s an additional choice available to anyone moving out of a house: Nextdoor. The Nextdoor community, a private social network for local neighborhoods, allows you to sell items directly to people in your immediate area. This is an ideal option for those who want to meet and exchange furniture with trustworthy neighbors nearby.

How to Ensure Your Furniture Sells Online

Once you’ve found an online marketplace where you can sell your used furniture, then it’s time to make sure your listings present your items with the best photos and descriptions to help them sell faster!

Take Good Pictures

Room with dresser, rug, and modern chair. Photo by Instagram user @daybydaffinson

Photo via @daybydaffinson

If you want people to buy your furniture and buy it quickly, it should look good. To get the best picture for your sale listing, try to stage the furniture in a room of your home to showcase its potential for a buyer.

Showing the furniture in your home allows the buyer to get a better view of how the furniture would fit in their home. It tells them how much space it takes up, what it would look like with other furniture around it, and whether it would fit the style of their home decor. This is important when selling furniture online because sales are completed sight unseen, and you want to avoid any buyer showing up and not wanting the piece of furniture.

Additionally, make sure you have good lighting in the room and take photos from multiple angles. Dimly-lit photos can make your furniture look dirty and potentially unappealing. With good lighting, the whole piece is easier to see and looks better when posted online. This goes for different angles as well. Showcasing the furniture from the front, sides, and back with detail shots included helps potential buyers see every aspect of the furniture.

Show Everything That’s Included

Small dining table in white apartment. Photo by Instagram user @fgpavon

Photo via @fgpavon

Selling a dining room set, matching dressers, or a couch set? Make sure it’s all shown in your pictures. Don’t confuse buyers by showing them the full dining room table and chair set if you’re only selling the table on its own. Descriptions of what’s being sold can sometimes get overlooked, especially when a potential buyer is just searching by keywords and looking for good photos, so make sure your photos (and listing titles) clearly display what’s for sale.

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Keep Descriptions Simple

Vintage bed and nightstand. Photo by Instagram user @aglassofbovino

Photo via @aglassofbovino

When it comes to descriptions for your furniture sale listings, keep it simple. You don’t need a long description detailing how much you loved the piece or how it was used. Just cover the basics, such as:

  • the year you bought the furniture
  • what room the furniture was in
  • how much wear-and-tear it has
  • if any pets were allowed on it

If you’re honest and to the point about your offer, people may feel more inclined to purchase it from you online. If they have questions, don’t be afraid to answer them.

Set a Fair Price…

Wicker chair in corner of room next to console. Photo by Instagram user @k_bloves

Photo via @k_bloves

If you bought the item you’re selling, you know how much it was worth. And unlike a vehicle, furniture doesn’t depreciate in value the moment you leave the store. But most people aren’t willing to spend top dollar for used furniture, so be willing to set a price a little lower than what you originally paid.

Did you buy your chair for $600? Set the price at $400. Did you purchase a coffee table for $250? Sell it for $200. Try to recoup some of the costs, but if selling items fast is your main goal, the more accommodating the price, the better. On the other hand, if you aren’t getting any bites on your listing after a week or two, you may want to consider dropping your price lower until you start getting offers.

…And Be Willing to Negotiate

Vintage dining room table set. Photo by Instagram user @maisondemings

Photo via @maisondemings

So you’ve set what you think is a fair price, but then the first offer you get is $50 less. What do you do? If you still have a little bit of time until you move, waiting to see if you get an offer closer to your requested price is okay. You don’t need to jump at the first offer you receive. However, if your goal is to get rid of your furniture as quickly as possible, $50 less than what you want may be your best deal.

At the end of the day, when your goal is to sell furniture quickly before a move, it’s important to remain realistic. Don’t overprice your items to try and make a few extra bucks, but also don’t undervalue items just to get them off of your hands. Look around on some of these popular marketplace websites to see how similar items have been priced, then set your price around those. If you’re really struggling to sell items before your move, consider donating household goods to a charitable organization.

Modern gray couch in minimalist white living room
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