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5 Safe, Exciting Residential Neighborhoods in Baltimore, MD

Baltimore is full of interesting neighborhoods all with their own character! If you’re planning to move to this Maryland city, check out our list of five neighborhoods that are safe, affordable, and offer a little something extra for residents. No matter if you’re single, a family with kids, a retiree, or a young professional, Baltimore has the perfect neighborhood for you!

Federal Hill

Federal Hill in Baltimore, MD
Photo by Payton Chung

Home Price: $1,387 median monthly rent; $290,718 median purchase
Perfect For: Young professionals, families, students

Federal Hill is a great place to work and live. The streets are lined with 19th century brick houses, and the overall crime rate is 4% lower than the national average, making this neighborhood 96% safer than other areas of Baltimore. Residents and visitors can immerse themselves in American history with a number of attractions, including the Baltimore Civil War Museum. Nearby schools include Federal Hill Preparatory and Digital Harbor High School. Residents can enjoy the nearby Federal Hill Park and Gateway Park with public transit available for easy travel into other parts of the city.

Inner Harbor

Inner Harbor in Baltimore, MD
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Home Price: $1,136 median monthly rent; $223,933 median purchase
Perfect For: Retirees, families, young professionals

Inner Harbor is located near Downtown Baltimore. In the heart of the tourist district, this neighborhood has the National Aquarium, Baltimore’s only beach, Federal Hill Park, Camden Yards, and the Baltimore Maritime Museum within its borders. This neighborhood is great for families and individuals alike, as there are plenty of amenities, restaurants, and activities. The cost of living is 8% lower compared to other areas of Baltimore, and this neighborhood is safer than 87% of other neighborhoods in the city. Public transit is accessible here with several Charm City circulator routes, bus stops, and light rail stations close by. Since thousands of tourists visit the area every year, some families or retirees may appreciate a neighborhood with less noise. But the energy is hard to beat!


Locust Point

Locust Point in Baltimore, MD
Photo by Owen Byrne

Home Price: $1,726 median monthly rent; $220,125 median purchase
Perfect For: Singles, young professionals, retirees

Located in Southern Baltimore, Locust Point was once the entry way for Polish, Irish, and Italian-American immigrants, giving this area a distinct and vibrant feel. Locust Point is also home to Fort McHenry, where the National Anthem was written. The Charm City Circulator route passes right through the area, making travel around the city convenient. With 49 restaurants, coffee houses, and bars in the neighborhood, this spot is perfect for singles and young professionals. The overall crime rate is 9% lower than the national average, and the cost of living is 3% lower than the Baltimore average. The local Latrobe Park is easy to access and has a variety of amenities, including a dog park, a playground, basketball and tennis courts, and a recreation center.

Mount Washington

Mount Washington in Baltimore, MD
Photo by Darren and Brad

Home Price: $764 median monthly rent; $235,875 median purchase
Perfect For: Families, retirees, singles

Mount Washington is known for its affordable housing with rent prices at 17% lower than the national average. It also has a lower crime rate than 83% of the other areas of Baltimore. Parks and green space are abundant in this area with Luckman Park and the University of Baltimore fields nearby. Families and singles can find plenty to do in this neighborhood year-round. The Mt. Washington Arboretum, Meadowbrook swimming pool, and Baltimore Clayworks (a nonprofit art institute) are just a few unique things to do! With cost of living 10% lower than the Baltimore average, Mount Washington is affordable for renters and homeowners alike.

Roland Park

Roland Park in Baltimore, MD
Photo by Eli Pousson

Home Price: $994 median monthly rent; $309,257 median purchase
Perfect For: Families, young professionals, retirees

Roland Park is a historical neighborhood north of Baltimore that has the honor of being the first planned community in the U.S. Proximity to the well-performing Roland Park Elementary school, as well as a number of private schools, make this neighborhood perfect for families with young children. This neighborhood is safer than 93% of other areas in Baltimore, and public transit access is easy to access with light rail and bus stations nearby. Roland Park residents are amongst the highest earners in the nation with a median household income 52% above the national average. Fantastic restaurants, retail shops, and friendly neighbors make Roland Park a great spot to call home!


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