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Modern home bathroom with green upgrades

17 Ways to Go Green in Your Bathroom

Looking for ways to save money and create an eco-friendly space in your home? Go green in your bathroom with sustainable upgrades! From low-flow plumbing to energy-efficient lighting, there are plenty of options to make your bathroom more sustainable. Check out these 17 green home improvement ideas to get started!

Design with Eco-Friendly Wallpaper

Want to update your bathroom design? Go with eco-friendly wallpaper! Consider paint alternatives like toxic-free wallpaper made with natural materials or low VOC (volatile organic compounds) wallpaper to make your bathroom more sustainable.

Choose VOC-Free Paint

Bathroom with gray VOC-free paint. Photo by Instagram user @carpendaughter

Photo via @carpendaughter

Because VOCs are toxic and bad for the environment, it’s important to choose VOC-free paints, finishings, and coatings for your bathroom. This eco-friendly option has less impact on air quality and reduces allergy-inducing toxins. Plus, the paint dries quickly and provides good coverage with a durable finish. When shopping at your local home improvement store, look for paint labeled “non-toxic” that’s made with natural ingredients.

Add Plants & Green Accents

White bathroom with plants. Photo by Instagram user @ cloe.thomson

Photo via @cloe.thomson

Go green in your bathroom by placing plants throughout the space! With small plants like ferns or succulents on a windowsill or countertop where they’re able to get enough light, you can create an environmentally friendly bathroom. Plants also add a calming aspect to a busy room, help reduce stress, and purify the air.

Reduce Waste with a Green Trash Can

Utilizing an eco-friendly trash can in your bathroom is a game-changer for reducing trash and waste! You can go with a recycled plastic can or a wicker basket to dispose of any items in your space. Consider using compostable trash bags that are biodegradable and easy to recycle! Or you can incorporate a mini compost bin in the bathroom to hold nail clippings, cotton swabs, toilet paper rolls, and biodegradable hygiene products.

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Get a Ventilation Fan

Gray modern tile shower with ventilation fan. Photo by Instagram user @fantechtrade

Photo via @fantechtrade

Installing a ventilation fan in your bathroom is a great idea for removing moisture. This type of fan helps control and eliminate bathroom odors, as well as remove water vapor accumulated on mirrors or walls. Invest in the Energy Star models with humidity sensors, which use less electricity and prevent mold growth.

Use Recycled Building Materials

Bathroom with recycled wood flooring. Photo by Instagram user @intheloftroom

Photo via @intheloftroom

Using earth-friendly materials like bamboo, concrete, steel, porcelain, glass, and reclaimed wood in your bathroom can make your space more sustainable! These types of building materials can be incorporated into your bathroom as flooring, recycled tile, and more. The benefits of using recycled goods are endless and can help you reduce costs while also protecting the environment.

Incorporate a Reclaimed Wood Vanity

Need a spot to store all of your bathroom essentials? Instead of the typical vanity, go with one made of reclaimed wood! Using recycled materials like reclaimed wood is a sustainable practice because no new materials were created with toxin-emitting machinery. Or if you’re building a vanity, using salvaged wood can reduce costs right off the bat. You can also use something from your own home like an old bookcase, nightstand, or dresser to create a DIY vanity with repurposed materials.

Add a Bathroom Skylight for Natural Light

Blue bathroom with skylight. Photo by Instagram user @schultzrealty

Photo via @schultzrealty

A bathroom skylight is a practical upgrade that can bring in natural light to your space—plus, you can install it yourself! Natural light helps reduce and prevent mildew or mold from getting into your bathroom. A few more benefits of skylights are solar heating and better ventilation, which can help you save money on energy costs!

Embrace Energy-Efficient Lighting

A great way to conserve energy in your bathroom is to install LED light bulbs! Energy-efficient lights last longer than traditional bulbs, and they don’t have to be replaced as often, which can help you save money in the future. LED lights are environmentally safe, operate on low voltages, and work well in cold or hot temperatures.

Install an Energy Star Water Heater

Water heaters are the second-highest energy source in the home, so it’s important to go with an energy-efficient one. Energy Star models use less energy than standard heaters and can save you money on utility costs. Tankless water heaters are great for providing hot water only when it’s needed. Heat-pump water heaters are another green option because they use electricity to move heat from one place to another instead of directly generating heat.

Go with a Modern Faucet

Marble sink with chrome faucet. Photo by Instagram user @summerhilldevelopers

Photo iva @summerhilldevelopers

Replacing your old faucet with a motion-sensing faucet or low-flow model is a game-changer for a sustainable bathroom! By utilizing a sensor to turn the water on, you’re able to conserve water usage. You won’t have to worry about wasting water when washing your hands with these type of faucets!

Add Aerators on Faucets & Shower Heads

Person washing their hands. Photo by Instagram user @shaveware

Photo via @shaveaware

Aerators can be placed on faucets or shower heads to help control the flow of water and cut down on water usage, which in turn saves you money on utility expenses! They break up the flow of water into different streams and air is added in between. By using aerators in your eco-friendly bathroom, you’re able to reduce splashing in sinks and the volume of water flowing from the faucet.

Upgrade the Sink

Modern white basin bathroom sink. Photo by Instagram user @abiinteriors

Photo via @abiinteriors

Give your bathroom sink an upgrade by designing it with recycled materials like rubber, glass, porcelain, or steel! If you’re looking for a cheaper option, opt for a salvaged or vintage sink from a local antique market. By changing out your sink with a green alternative option, you’re able to make your sink more environmentally sustainable with the use of recycled products!

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Conserve Water with a Low-Flow Shower Head

Installing low-flow shower heads can help conserve water, and some have buttons to switch the water on or off, or they can pause the water altogether. You can also opt for shower heads that are color-coded, which change color to tell you if the water is too hot or cold and can save you time on testing the temperature.

Update the Bathtub

Bathroom with modern updated bathtub. Photo by Instagram user @charankova.s

Photo via @charankova.s

Renovating your bathroom and looking for a new tub? Opt for an eco-friendly bathtub! Buying an antique tub at a local market or shop is a great first option—just make sure it’s in good condition and can be reused in your bathroom. Or if you’re looking for a newer option, go with a modern recycled tile tub, concrete tub, or steel tub to provide the water resistance you need to conserve water during a bath or shower.

Take Advantage of an Eco-Friendly Toilet

Upgrade your bathroom with an eco-friendly toilet! Composting toilets are great for breaking down waste into soil for flowers, shrubs, and trees. This type of toilet can be run with electricity or batteries, and it uses little to no water. Or you can go with a low-flow toilet to reduce your water usage and save money!

Utilize Renewable Energy with Underfloor Heating

An economical way to keep your bathroom warm is to install underfloor heating! This eco-friendly heating system has many benefits because it operates at a lower temperature, has cleaner and less polluted air, and is quick to heat your room. Plus, underfloor heating can be powered from renewable energy sources like solar panels on your roof!


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