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Feng shui kitchen design featuring white cabinets with lighting and large island.

Create a Feng Shui Kitchen with These 21 Design Tips

In feng shui, the kitchen is regarded as one of the most important rooms for health, happiness, and wealth. It’s also one of the trinity rooms that facilitate good energy in a home! Once you’ve learned the feng shui basics, you can easily turn your kitchen into a calming space that’s filled with positive chi. Check out the tips below for feng shui kitchen decor and organization that will help you get inspired!

Mind the Location

Modern minimalist kitchen. Photo by Instagram user @fengshui.home

Photo via @fengshui.home

Because of the stove, the kitchen represents the feng shui element fire in your home. A kitchen in the center of the house symbolizes fire attacking the heart of the home, which can bring bad luck and energy into your space. A good feng shui layout favors the kitchen at the back of the home in the south or southwest corner, as well as north or northeast parts. Be sure to consult the Bagua energy map!

Start by Cleaning

White minimalist kitchen. Photo by Instagram user @hellomommode

Photo via @hellomommode

Feng shui emphasizes cleanliness and decluttering to keep good energy flowing in the kitchen. Having a messy kitchen creates negative energy in your space, which can then impact the health of family members. Prepare your kitchen for feng shui by doing a deep clean of appliances, clearing off countertops, and making sure every item has a storage space. Take advantage of hidden storage sources like drawer organizers, cabinet door hooks, and storage boxes for pantries to ensure everything is out of the way.

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Replace Broken Items

Not only is a feng shui kitchen symbolized by heat, but it’s also symbolized by nourishment and love. A clean, stocked kitchen with well-maintained appliances and tools signifies an intention to take care of yourself and your family. Promote good chi by making sure nothing is broken in your kitchen. Replace any dishes, utensils, or cooking items that are chipped or not functional, and keep knives sharpened.

Use Paint to Embrace the Elements

Kitchen with yellow cabinets and window trim. Photo by Instagram user @homenhance

Photo via @homenhance

When it comes to painting a feng shui kitchen, keep the elements in mind. Since the kitchen is represented by the fire element, you’ll want to avoid reds and oranges, as these can cause an energy imbalance in the room. You’ll also want to stay clear of the blues and blacks of the water element, as fire and water are opposing elements and clash. The ideal feng shui paint colors in this room are the yellows and beiges of the earth element, which are associated with health and relationships.

Keep the Sink & Stove Apart

If the water element (the sink) and the fire element (the stove) face one another in the kitchen, it can cause conflict in relationships. Prevent this bad energy from forming by placing an island between your sink and stove. If you’re in a small galley-style kitchen, you can also put an earth element (like a green rug) between the water and fire elements to “cure” the conflict.

Make Sure the Stove Is Working

Not only is the stove a place for cooking meals, but it’s also said to bring wealth energy into your home. However, an unused or broken stove can represent neglected resources, which can bring bad chi. Make sure the stove is clean, functional, and that all the burners are working properly. Along with an unused stove, unused burners also signify neglected technology and can bring the inability to take advantage of new opportunities in life.

Hang a Mirror Behind the Stove

If the space under your oven range is dark, consider placing a mirror behind the stove to open up the cooking area and bring in positive energy. Adding a mirror behind the stove also puts you in “command position,” acting as a feng shui fix for a bad kitchen layout that keeps your back to the door.

Avoid Empty Space Above Cabinets

Kitchen with dark gray cabinets. Photo by Instagram user @seanscabinetry

Photo via @seanscabinetry

Do you have open space above your cabinets? Feng shui encourages filling the space above kitchen cabinets because negative chi and dust can become trapped, stifling the positive chi. If you can’t extend your cabinets all the way to the ceiling, fill the open space with plants or kitchen decor to prevent negative energy from gathering.

Don’t Hang Items Overhead

When heavy items like pots and pans are hung over places where people stand—like the stove or kitchen island—it can cause anxiety and invite bad chi. Store items in cabinets, drawers, and pantries instead. If you’re worried about keeping pots and pans organized inside cabinets, try this DIY sliding pot rack!

Opt for Glass Cabinet Doors

Kitchen with glass cabinets. Photo by Instagram user @erin_interiors

Photo via @erin_interiors

Adding half glass or frosted doors on cabinets is a feng shui tip that can help open up your kitchen and make it easier for chi to flow through. It will also help you stay accountable for keeping your cabinets organized because the contents will be visible.

Create Good Energy with Lighting

Kitchen with gold metal light fixtures. Photo by instagram user @nbdesignbuild

Photo via @nbdesignbuild

Amble lighting in your kitchen draws good chi. While natural light from windows are ideal, you can utilize other sources to brighten your space! Try layered lighting techniques like combining overhead, sconce, and task lighting to vary the brightness and keep good energy flowing in your kitchen.

Incorporate Metal Decor

Modern farmhouse kitchen with stainless steel appliances. Photo by Instagram user @apogee_house

Photo via @apogee_house

The metal element in your kitchen can invite feelings of productivity, calmness, and clear-thinking. Look for places in your kitchen where you metal accents could be added. Hardware—such as light fixtures, drawer handles, and faucets—make it easy to incorporate the metal element without taking up counter space. You can also add metal bowls, spice racks, or candle holders. If you have stainless steel appliances, though, don’t go overboard with the metal decor, as the steel will already bring metal energy into the kitchen.

Add Wood Features

Strengthen family bonds and attract prosperity with the wood element in your kitchen. Wood spice racks, utensil holders, cutting boards, and cabinet finishes can all harness the positive energy of wood. If your dining table is in the kitchen because your home doesn’t have a dining room, choose a wood table and chairs. Plants are also representative of the wood element, so they’re simple to add in a kitchen.

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Hang Food-Inspired Art on the Wall

Food art hung over kitchen counter. Photo by Instagram user @brushwiz

Photo via @brushwiz

When it comes to feng shui kitchen art, go with anything that promotes a healthy appetite and the shared warmth of food. Paintings of people planting or harvesting food, pictures of people dining together, or abstract art featuring fruit are all great options for decorating your kitchen.

Work the Elements into the Floor

Kitchen with marble and tile. Photo by Instagram user @collinsbespoke

Photo via @collinsbespoke

Similar to wall colors, it’s good to avoid the fire and water elements in flooring. Use tiles in earth tones like beige or metal tones like white and gray. If you prefer wood floors, hardwood floors in darker brown tones go well with creating a warm, prosperous feeling.

Store Knives Out of Sight

Kitchen knives in knife drawer. Photo by Instagram user @michaelmenn

Photo via @michaelmenn

The visual of sharp knives can stir a sense of discomfort and create bad chi. Keep tension and negative energy out of the kitchen by storing knives in drawers instead of on countertops or magnetic strips.

Hide Trash Cans

Hidden trash can and hidden cutting board. Photo by Instagram user @6_4buck85

Photo via @6_4buck85

Trash is associated with clutter, and it brings a negative energy to your kitchen. By storing your trash can out in the open in your kitchen, you take away from the nourishment of the room. Move trash and recycling bins to another area like a pantry or mudroom, or use built-in trash cabinets to keep them hidden.

Add Nightlights to the Kitchen

When not in use, a dark kitchen represents ill health. Prevent bad chi from entering your kitchen with a small nightlight or cabinet task lighting. This continuous light evokes the fire element, maintaining positive and healthy energy in the kitchen—even at night.

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Keep a Bowl of Fruit on the Counter

Bowl of fruit on kitchen counter. Photo by Instagram user @msbdesignbuild

Photo via @msbdesignbuild

A bowl of fruit signifies abundance and health. Keep one on the kitchen counter filled with citrus fruits to obtain optimum chi. For even more feng shui luck, keep nine oranges in a bowl as the number nine is considered to be lucky.

Grow Your Own Herb Garden

Kitchen herb gardens invoke the earth element and bring positive chi that will keep your kitchen feeling healthy and vibrant. Add mint or basil plants in windows or along the east and south walls to boost prosperity, luck, and good energy!

Avoid Eating in the Kitchen (If You Can)

Kitchen with dining table. Photo by Instagram user @e.lynndesign

Photo via @e.lynndesign

While you should keep your dining area as close to the kitchen as possible, using your kitchen as your dining room isn’t ideal, according to feng shui. This is because the kitchen is strictly for preparing meals. But with smaller homes and modern open-floor plans, sometimes a separate dining room isn’t an option. In such situations, make sure you’re eating at a table away from cooking stations. You can even use room dividers to break up the space and create distinct areas for cooking and dining.

By following these feng shui kitchen design ideas, you can create a kitchen that will nourish both the bodies and hearts of your family. Looking for more feng shui room design tips? Check out these feng shui living room ideas!

21 Feng Shui Kitchen Design Ideas