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Boston, Massachusetts downtown.

8 Things to Know About Living in Boston

One of the Northeast’s best-known historical cities, Boston is the most populous city in New England. It’s rich in history, full of things to do, and a great place to live. It might not get the same attention as its neighbor New York, but Boston has a lot to offer. Here’s what you need to know about living in Boston!

1) Good Cost of Living

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Housing in Boston (and most of Massachusetts) is expensive, but that doesn’t mean it’s more expensive to live there. In fact, the median wages and cost of living in Massachusetts are among the best in the country!

Boston’s rent and home prices are very high, but they’re offset by the better wages. In the short term, you’re looking at more expensive housing, but in the long term, it might still be a good investment to have. Boston’s mature and stable market—and your house is likely to go up in value!

2) Excellent Walkability

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Boston has a full public transport system, including buses, trains, and more. But you might not want to use them—because the city is so dense that walking is still a good way to get around.

Boston’s main area is small for a big American city with a high population density. It’s significantly smaller than New York, and its unique mix of neighborhoods with a dense downtown makes it a solid choice if you want to lean on shoe leather instead of gasoline for your transportation.

Of course, if you want to drive or take a bus, train, or taxi, those are still options. But Boston is uniquely walkable for a big city!

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3) Supports an Active Lifestyle

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You’ll be in good company if you decide to walk, jog, or bike around the city. Boston was ranked the most active city in America by Gallup, thanks to its availability of green space and pedestrian-friendly areas.

One of the best and most popular places to get active and enjoy the scenery is the Charles River Esplanade, which is often filled with joggers, bikers, rollerbladers, and other people trying to get their exercise. And, of course, you can’t forget the annual Boston Marathon, where people from all over the world compete.

4) Thriving Sports Culture

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Boston is frequently ranked one of the best sports cities in America, largely driven by its high-quality local professional sports teams and passionate fans. It’s hard to find a bar in Bean Town that’s not playing the Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, or Bruins games.

Catch the Boston Bruins on the ice at the TD Garden, or come back when ice is swapped for parquet so the Boston Celtics can take on their NBA rivals. Head to Gillette Stadium to see the five-time Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots. Or enjoy America’s pastime with the Boston Red Sox at the famous Fenway Park. No matter which sport you prefer, Boston has the team for you.

5) Underrated Arts Scene

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Though Boston is perhaps best known for its sports, its arts scene is alive and well. If you’re looking for a night out on the town, consider Boston’s acclaimed opera house, where you can catch a performance of HamiltonLes Miserables, or The Nutcracker.

Perhaps you’re interested in discovering a new band or musician you haven’t seen before. Try a spot like the Brighton Music Hall, a standing-room only concert venue where you can catch both local and national acts looking to make it big.

Maybe you’re searching for visual arts. Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts is packed with world-class art from artists like Monet, Kahlo, and Donatello. They have one of the world’s great collections of Dutch and Flemish art from Rembrandt, Rubens and Van Dyck, too.

6) A Huge College Town

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More than 250,000 college students are living in Boston and attending the numerous schools around the city. Boston CollegeBoston UniversityHarvardMITNortheastern, and more make their home in and around the city, so Boston is a haven for higher education.

What makes Boston such a good college town? Besides the number of colleges in the area, students have access to big city amenities and opportunities. A diverse population, intercollegiate events, and a high number of internships available make it a great area for anyone who wants to pursue their degree in Boston.

7) Rich American History

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Of course, one of the things Boston is best known for is its history. Boston was a prime location during the American Revolution, and there’s a tremendous amount of historical sites within walking distance.

The Freedom Trail is a great way to get an overview of Boston’s contribution to our Colonial history. With its 2.5-mile route, it takes you to 16 historically significant sites that lay out the history of the American Revolution as it touched the city of Boston (and eventually all of America).

Old North Church is one of the most famous locations of the Revolution and was used to hang signal lanterns before the battles of Lexington and Concord. It was even immortalized in the famous poem “Paul Revere’s Ride.” It’s located in Boston’s North End, which is crammed full of old historic buildings. Boston Common, the Bunker Hill Monument, and the USS Constitution are unique spots to visit as well.

8) Local Food You Need to Try

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If you’re a fan of the show Cheers (or even if you’re not), you owe it to yourself to visit the original spot where everyone knows your name. Grab a tasty local Sam Adams and enjoy the vibe! Of course, when you want to grab a bite in Boston, you need to try some of the local seafood. Head over to Neptune Oyster and sample the “clam chowdah.”

Not a chowder fan? Head out to Woodman’s for the original fried clams—or try some of the lobster! For dessert, make your way to Parker’s for the Boston Cream Pie, the most timeless iteration of this famous pie (well, cake, actually). And of course, if you decide to catch a game at Fenway, there’s nothing like a famous Fenway Frank. Don’t miss out on these favorite Boston foodie spots!


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8 Things to Know About Living in Boston

Boston, Massachusetts downtown.
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