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Baby room with white crib pink canopy.

18 Ideas for Designing a Cute Baby Room

Have a new baby on the way? It’s time to design your baby room! Whether you have a large nursery or you’re working with a small space, these nursery design tips can help you create your dream baby room!

Start with a Vision

Gray baby room with white hearts and white furniture. Photo by Instagram user @girlsbabyroom

Photo via @girlsbabyroom

Before you start designing a nursery, it’s important to determine the room layout. Especially if you have a small baby room or a shared kids room, you’ll need to make sure there’s enough room for the crib, changing table, and any other necessities your baby will need.

Decide on a Theme

Jungle theme baby room. Photo by Instagram user @erin.phillips

Photo via @erinn.phillips

Choosing a theme for your baby room design is an excellent way to personalize the space. You can go with the traditional blues and pinks—or the more trendy yellows and greens for gender-neutral spaces. Want to branch out with a more unique theme? Try a monochromatic color scheme, style the room around baby animals or dinosaurs, or go for a nautical look!

Pick the Perfect Palette

Simple white nursery with white crib. Photo by Instagram user @awdesigns_ca

Photo via @awdesigns_ca

Paint color can make all the difference in a nursery! Want to make a large room seem cozier? Go with soft shades of yellow and pink. Need to make a small room look bigger? Opt for airy neutral colors like beiges, grays, and whites to help reflect light in the nursery.

Create an Accent Wall

Want to add some color to your nursery but don’t want to paint the whole room? An accent wall is a great option! Pick a wall in the baby room and incorporate patterned wallpaper, easy-to-remove decals that go with your room’s theme, or get creative with a DIY mural!

Consider a Crib with Storage

Two white cribs by each other. Photo by Instagram user @allwhitehouse

Photo via @allwhitehouse

Cribs come in all different shapes and sizes—and plenty include storage spaces, too! If you know you need some extra storage in your baby room for diapers, blankets, and toys, consider picking out a crib that has built-in storage. (Look into a crib with an attached dresser, changing table, and under crib storage if you’re working with a small space.)

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Try a Bassinet

If you don’t need a large crib in your baby room, a bassinet is an ideal solution! American Academy of Pediatrics recommends having your newborn sleep in a bassinet for the first couple of months anyway, as bassinets constricts movement and keep the baby supported.

Choose a Comfy Nursery Chair

Pink rocking chair in nursery corner. Photo by Instagram user @mamaplusthree_

Photo via @mamaplusthree_

When choosing a nursery chair, don’t just go with the stylish option—think about comfort as well! Rockers, gliders, and recliners are all excellent options for nursery furniture. Just be sure to pick a chair that’s easy to get in and out of, has quiet motion, and is easy to clean.

Opt for a Dual-Purpose Changing Table

White dresser changing table in white nursery. Photo by Instagram user @denaemardon

Photo via @denaemardon

A multi-purpose changing table is a must when designing a nursery. Create a changing station inside an old armoire or on top of a dresser with changing pad. Or opt for a crib and changing table combo to save floor space in the baby room!

Have Fun with Baby Bedding

The right bedding can help tie any baby room theme together. Try a floral or animal print, or opt for bold complementary colors like orange for blue or purple with yellow. Have a lot of color in the nursery already? Neutral bedding can bring the whole look together!

Find a Colorful Mobile

Complete the look of your baby’s crib with a mobile! Mobiles give babies something to look at to help with their visual development—and there are tons of mobiles to choose from! Choose a soft plush one that plays music or make your own baby mobile using pompoms.

Get Creative with Shelving

Utilizing wall space for additional baby room storage is a great option if you don’t want to take up precious floor space. Try adding multi-level shelving by the changing table to store diapers and wipes. Or add floating shelves by the crib to store blankets and toys.

Assemble a Gallery Wall

Have empty space on a wall? Consider adding a gallery wall! When designing a gallery wall, you can use anything from family photos and character pictures to inspirational prints, wood block initials, and mirrors!

Don’t Forget the Lights

White nursery with orange crib. Photo by Instagram user @readysetrico

Photo via @readysetrico

Unique light fixtures are a fantastic baby room design idea for adding some flair! Consider chandeliers, pendant lights, scones, or even table lamps in your nursery—and don’t forget to use dimmers so you can adjust the brightness for your baby.

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Include Cute Baskets for Storage

Storage baskets are both a functional and decorative addition to any baby room. Place some wicker baskets on a shelf above the changing table to store diapers and wipes, or place some canvas totes in a closet to keep socks and blankets in one convenient place.

Add a Decorative Rug

Not only is adding a rug to the nursery a great way to incorporate color, pattern, and personality, but it’s also good for reducing noise! Place a rug near the crib to muffle the sound of footsteps when checking on your sleeping baby.

Pick Window Treatments

Natural light in a nursery is good for opening up the space, but you don’t want too much light waking your sleeping infant! To help limit how much light gets into the room, make sure to have blackout curtains available for nap time. You can even use nursery curtains as way to add a pop of color or fun a print into the room!

Install a Little Library

Floating shelves with books. Photo by Instagram user @brunoandlibby

Photo via @brunoandlibby

It’s never too early to start reading to your baby. Create a little library in the corner of the room with a bookcase or floating shelves where you can store your baby’s favorite books—and you can set your nursery chair up right next to the library for easy story time!

Decorate the Ceiling

Animal pictures on nursery ceiling. Photo by Instagram user @julieamckevitt

Photo via @julieamckevitt

For a unique nursery look, add some decoration to the ceiling as well! You can use stick-on decals like stars or flowers to match a rooms theme, paint a colorful pattern, or experiment with wallpaper for an eye-catching print.


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