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Updated bedroom with pink walls and pink accent furniture.

Best Paint Colors for Bedrooms

Redecorating your bedroom? Changing the paint color is a great way to give your bedroom a whole new look and feel! Even if you don’t plan on replacing or rearranging your furniture, a fresh coat of paint alone can have a major impact. Before you head to the hardware store, check out this guide to the best bedroom paint colors!

Best Paint Colors for Master Bedrooms

The master bedroom should have a color scheme that’s calming and restful with a little pop of personality so that you can reflect, recharge, and relax. Here are some great master bedroom paint color choices!

Navy Blue

View of bed with a navy wall in the back.

Photo via @thepimlotts

Chic yet cozy, navy is one of the best blue paint color choices for any bedroom. Bedroom decor of all kinds goes well with this popular wall color. If you’re worried about having such a dark color all over, try offsetting the intensity of the space by using a crisp white bedding set and other light decor throughout the room.

Hunter Green

Looking for a cool bedroom paint color that’s unique but still easy to incorporate into your overall bedroom design? Hunter green is a great option! This dark, earthy tone is an ideal middle ground for when you want something neutral but would prefer to steer clear of more basic neutrals like beige.

Terra Cotta

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Terra cotta is an ideal color choice for making a master bedroom feel warm and cozy. Since this trendy bedroom color is more muted than other shades of red and orange, it won’t overpower the room’s look and feel. This color is especially good when using a Bohemian or eclectic decorating style!

Cloud White

Bedroom with cloud white walls and peach bed linens.

Photo via @hartman_haus

Bright whites can be too stimulating as a bedroom paint color, but a softer-hued white is one of the best colors for a master bedroom. It’s neutral enough to match any decor, and it can help you get that minimalist bedroom look. A cloud white can also make your master bedroom feel even bigger since it reflects light.

Best Paint Colors for Small Bedrooms

You don’t need to make drastic changes to help your small bedroom look larger. The right paint color alone can really open up your space when it comes time for your bedroom makeover. Give one of these bedroom paint colors a try to expand your small space and make it seem bigger!

Pearl Gray

Room with varying shades of gray; the walls are pearl gray.

Photo via @lovefordesigns

Neutral and airy but with more depth than white and more sheen than flat gray, pearl gray reflects light in a way that helps small bedrooms look much larger. Truly, pearl gray is one of the best neutral bedroom colors for opening up compact spaces. You can use it in a small master bedroom or guest room.

Butter Yellow

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This popular bedroom paint color is as versatile as it is warm. Butter yellow gives off the illusion of extra sunlight, which helps make any space painted in this shade feel more pleasant and open. Softer yellow hues have also been shown to have mood-boosting properties and can help create a sense of positivity.


Whites and grays aren’t the only light colors that can work well in compact spaces. Lavender and other light purples also have the brightness necessary to make a small bedroom look bigger. Lavender also offers a sense of whimsy and romance that other more neutral tones don’t necessarily give off.

Soft Black

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If you don’t want your small bedroom to seem stark, you can always lean into its compactness by embracing a cozy vibe. A soft black is the perfect bedroom paint color to achieve this look. Designers recognize this bold and versatile shade as being a smart, stylish choice for small spaces!

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Best Paint Colors for Dark Bedrooms

Does your bedroom have bad light? If you sleep in a space that doesn’t have good windows or has lots of dark corners, you’ll want to choose a paint color that can bring the light to you. Thankfully, there are several great bedroom paint colors for low-light rooms that can make your room feel brighter and more spacious.


This light yet warm shade is one of the best neutral paint colors for dark rooms. Cream is a true classic and has definitely earned its place among the top bedroom colors, thanks to how seamlessly it can function as a backdrop to mix-and-match styles!


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Orange can be overpowering, so using it in a darker room can help tone down the hue and brighten up the room all at once. Orange mimics sunlight, which brings a feeling of warmth along with it. Using orange in your bedroom can also create a sense of excitement and enthusiasm!

Warm Gray

Bedroom with warm gray walls.

Photo via @this_e17_life

This neutral gray is a good color to paint any room, but especially ones that lack natural light. You might assume painting a low-light bedroom a darker color would be a faux pas, but the warmth of this hue will help your space feel cozy and inviting no matter how dim it might be.

Best Paint Colors for Better Sleep

You probably know that your environment impacts your mood, but did you know that your bedroom paint color can also affect the quality of your sleep? Consider these relaxing bedroom paint colors the next time you redecorate your bedroom so that you can get higher quality sleep and feel more rested!

Sky Blue

Blue and other cool-toned bedroom paint colors are perfect for creating a sense of peace and tranquility, and this is especially true for lighter shades, which can help make rooms feel larger and more open. Parents will also find that this shade is good for kids rooms.

Sage Green

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Sage green is a unique bedroom color that’s ideal for bringing the beauty of the great outdoors inside. It pairs perfectly with earthy decor, as well as light pink accent pieces, and it’s a lovely backdrop for live plants—all of which make for a calm, quiet environment that’s needed for rest.

Blush Pink

Create a cozy, comfortable atmosphere in your bedroom by using soft pinks and other muted blush colors. This color is sophisticated, trendy, and surprisingly works well with all kinds of home decorating styles from contemporary and eclectic to modern and minimalist.

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Best Paint Colors for Feng Shui

Embrace the ancient Chinese philosophy of feng shui in your home can help you channel the right energy into the spaces you design. With bedroom feng shui, you want to cultivate a space for renewal and relationships, so it’s important to choose paint colors that align with feng shui elements and color palettes.

Seafoam Green

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If you’re trying to give your career a boost, consider using a water element paint color. While water elements should be used sparingly in bedrooms because they can bring too much energy into a space, you can use paint colors like seafoam green and other soft blue-green colors to evoke tranquility and prosperity.

Wine Red

The fire element is the most active of all the elements and should be limited in the bedroom since it’s a place of rest. However, if you’re looking for a fire element paint color that can evoke happiness and passion, a shade of wine red can provide what you need without bringing too much energy into your bedroom.

Gunmetal Gray

Another element that has a lot of energy is the metal element, which is associated with creativity. Though this element should be used discreetly in bedroom feng shui, you can bring clarity and focus to your sleeping space by choosing a gentle metallic tone like gunmetal gray for your bedroom walls.

Mocha Brown

Mocha brown and other dark brown colors are great bedroom feng shui color choices, as they’re associated with the wood element, which is believed to center family and wealth. This cozy paint color is luxurious and feels warm, making it an ideal option for bedrooms in a family home.

Light Khaki

Bedroom awash in light gray.

Photo via @ourperthreno

Health and stability are associated with the earth element in feng shui, which makes any earth tone a good option for bedroom paint colors. Since the bedroom should be designed with rest and relaxation in mind, earth tones like light khaki can help align your space in a way that prioritizes your overall well-being.

Best Paint Colors for Accent Walls

Some of the most popular paint colors work best when used for a simple bedroom accent wall. Giving a single wall a splash of color adds visual interest to your bedroom without dominating the space—and when paired with the right furniture, it can help create a cohesive bedroom color scheme!

Jet Black

There are few bolder master bedroom colors than black, but painting an entire room such a dark shade can be a tricky thing to pull off. Instead, having just one wall painted jet black in an otherwise light and bright room is a dramatic yet tasteful way to transform your space.


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For a still dark but not quite so intense look, try adding a plum purple accent wall in your bedroom. Some of the best bedroom color schemes are those that rely on contrast, so try pairing this rich shade with soft yellow hues and other warm pastels in your bedroom furniture and decor.


White bedroom with dramatic dark teal accent wall.

Photo via @_homebirds_

A bright teal accent wall creates a bedroom look that’s as fun as it is relaxing. Used on an accent wall, bold bedroom paint colors like this one give the space a little character without going overboard. Browns, whites, creams, and other neutral tones also pair well with teal.


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Paint Colors: 22 Best Bedroom Colors