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inside a studio apartment with a small office desk and twin size bed

13 Tips for Successfully Working from a Studio Apartment

Do you work from home? Do you also live in a studio apartment? If you’re self-employed, a freelancer, or have a job where you occasionally work from home, small space living calls for you to get creative with your office setup. Discover how to work from home in a tiny apartment with these expert tips!

Set a Schedule

home office with wooden desk and lots of natural light photo by Instagram user @minimal.wohnen

Photo via @minimal.wohnen

Making a plan is a working from home tip that matters regardless of the size of your apartment! For Toronto resident Tina Liu, having a set schedule helps her get in the mindset to work, no matter where she is! Though she now works as a User Experience Designer, she still frequently works from home and spends a lot of time working on her Tina Tomato YouTube channel. To maximize her time, she likes to stick to a regular routine by taking lunch around noon and wrapping things up as close to 5 p.m. as possible.

Make a Work Zone

home office set up in small alcove with door to block off other areas photo by Instagram user @voguelhouse

Photo via @voguelhouse

One way Tina creates division in her home is by having her bed on one side of her apartment and her desk on the other. Hanging curtains or putting up a room divider would eat up a lot of her 430-square-foot apartment, so she creates what separation she can. These different zones make it possible for her to close her laptop and walk away to relax—even if it’s just a couple steps.

Invest in a Desk with Storage

small bedroom office space with desk and storage photo by Instagram user @heytinatomato

Photo via @heytinatomato

Whether you’re an artist, blogger, developer, or something in between, designating a spot for work is a crucial tip for living in a studio apartment. Purchasing a desk is one of the easiest ways to do this! The ALEX Desk from Ikea works especially well for Tina because it’s extra long and has large drawers so she can physically put projects away when it’s time to call it a day.

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Save Space with a Wall Desk

You may not have room in your apartment for a small desk with storage. If you don’t, you can get the same separation while also saving floor space by installing a floating wall desk. Looking for inspiration? Try this DIY wall-mounted desk from HGTV.

Use a Bookshelf as a Workstation

bookshelves stacked up and used as a home desk photo by Instagram user @elinacolors

Photo via @elinacolors

Combine smart storage with a set zone to work! Not only does a bookshelf add vertical shelving to your apartment, but it also creates a convenient home for your laptop, folders, and any office supplies you might have!

Make Your Closet Do Double Duty…

For Bay Area artist and illustrator Mati Rose McDonough, creating from home meant she had a lot of masterpieces lying around. To help give her finished creations a home, she made her closet multi-purpose. Mati added extra shelving to help with small closet organization and dedicated half the space to storing her art supplies. Maximizing her closet not only kept her apartment from getting overrun with paintings, but it also helped her close off from work when she was done for the day!

…Or Turn it Into an Office

small home office in closet with chalkboard paint on the wall photo by Instagram user @fowlkesstudio

Photo via @fowlkesstudio

If you don’t need a lot of room for clothes, turn your closet into a small home office! Add a desk or use pre-existing shelving to create a workstation. You can also hang a curtain here to create separation between your working and living areas.

Transform Your Kitchen into a Home Office

home office using the kitchen table as a desk photo by Instagram user @craftifair

Photo via @craftifair

Making your kitchen double as your workspace is a small home office idea we love! Whether it’s getting a table that works for dinner and your projects or using your fridge as a whiteboard, there are plenty of ideas to transform your kitchen into a versatile office.

Use Plants as a Room Divider

modern home office with stool seat and plants placed around photo by Instagram user @homewithkelsey

Photo via @homewithkelsey

Working from home in a small apartment is a lot easier when you’re able to create visual division. But in a studio, a room divider quickly absorbs a large portion of the floor. Separate areas while maximizing your space with plants! Rugs are also an easy and affordable way to distinguish different zones in your apartment!

Let Go of the Plan

home office space with homemade art on the walls photo by Instagram user @matirose

Photo via @matirose

Living in the Bay Area, Mati was always pressed for space. But despite living in a studio, she found a way to make her apartment double as her home art studio for years! One way she did this as a professional artist and illustrator was by being flexible with her time and organization. “No day looks the same for me,” she said. Embracing this spontaneity where and when she created helped her discover how to work from home as successfully as possible.

Clean Often

For Mati, regularly tidying up between messes has helped her manage both living and working from a studio apartment! She also discovered that one of the benefits of living and working in a studio apartment is that messes can never travel too far.

Remember the Perks

Figuring out how to work from home is no simple task, especially when you’re dealing with limited square footage! But rather than just trying to make it work, keep the benefits of living in a studio apartment in mind. Mati said one of her favorite parts of having a studio apartment that doubles as a workspace was getting to “spontaneously pick up a paintbrush” whenever she felt inspired. For Tina, being able to diffuse essential oils and make a home-cooked lunch made working from home a great option.

Get Out of the House

young girl with a backpack walking on a nature trail photo by Instagram user @matirose

Photo via @matirose

Working from home comes with a lot of freedom, so don’t get chained to your desk or makeshift workspace. Mati said taking a break from her small apartment to go for walks around the park with her dog was an important way to gain inspiration and focus before returning to her work.

Need more tips for successfully working from home in your studio apartment? Clear clutter and improve your productivity with these ideas for organizing and getting more storage in your small apartment!

Working from a Studio Apartment

inside a studio apartment with a small office desk and twin size bed
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