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Renting Out Your Home? Here’s Where to Store Your Belongings

Renting out your property as a vacation home or short-term rental? Even if you’re only just getting started as an Airbnb host, it’s never too early to start thinking about the practicalities—like where you’re going to keep personal and valuable belongings while renting out your home. Below, we cover your storage options as a vacation rental owner, including a few of the best places to keep your stuff while renting out your property!

Buy a Home Safe

Hidden safes are an easy storage solution for keeping personal belongings, jewelry, and other valuables secure while you’re renting out your property. From wall safes to deposit boxes and beyond, you can find a variety of safes to meet your personal storage needs. For additional security, never leave the key to your safe in your rental home.

Use Under-the-Bed Storage

Under the Bed Storage Bags on the Floor. Photo by Instagram user @ilovemydii

Photo via @ilovemydii

Clothing, accessories, linens, books, and other items can easily be tucked out of sight while you’re renting out your home. If you don’t plan to take these items with you, consider using under-the-bed storage totes or drawers. Not only does this give you a place to stash personal items, but it also means you can clear out closets, cabinets, and dressers for Airbnb guests to use so that they don’t have to live out of a suitcase!

Opt for an Owner’s Closet

Room Closet with Owners Closet Door. Photo by Instagram user @railviewhome

Photo via @railviewhome

Even though your home is a short-term rental property doesn’t mean you have to give your guests access to every nook and cranny! An owner’s closet provides a secure storage space in your vacation rental property where you can store items. With this convenient home storage solution, Airbnb hosts can tuck away family photos, vacuum cleaners, basic tools, and other items you might use or take back out in between renters. Just remember to keep this closet locked whenever tenants are staying in your home!

Tuck Items Away in the Basement

Basement Storage Space Filled with Clear Totes on Shelves. Photo by Instagram user @dwell.organized

Photo via @abeautifulmess

Have a basement storage room? Get some totes, tubs, or other storage containers and take full advantage of your at-home storage potential. Even if you have a finished basement that guests will be spending time in, you can use hidden living room storage furniture like ottomans and lift-top coffee tables to stash non-valuable stuff in.

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Move Items to the Attic

For an even more out-of-the-way storage solution, keep items safe and sound in your attic! It’s very unlikely guests will venture into this space, so your attic is an ideal spot for storing large or rarely used items that you don’t need sitting out—including seasonal decor, extra furniture, and other such items. Just be careful when storing temperature-sensitive items like electronics and musical instruments in your attic, as this area of your home is more susceptible to heat, cold, and humidity.

Utilize Garage Storage

Garage Storage Space with Wire Shelving. Photo by Instagram user @lifeinjeneral

Photo via @lifeinjeneral

Offering garage access is optional for Airbnb hosts, so if you choose to lock it up and keep the garage door opener with you, you can use your garage for storage. Using a garage space as a storage solution for tools, outdoor decor, recreational gear, and other items is a great way to keep your rental organized and free of clutter!

Store Items at Another Residence

If the property you’re renting out isn’t your primary residence, you can always move your belongings from your vacation rental to your other home. But if your vacation rental is your primary residence, you could always consider asking friends or family if they have extra storage space available in their home. Keeping your items at another property is a simple solution, but you may need to supplement this approach with a more permanent storage option for larger items.

Rent a Self Storage Unit

Have large items that won’t fit inside an owner’s closet, safe, or other in-home storage spaces? Reserve a storage unit! Self storage is perhaps the best storage option for Airbnb hosts, as storage facilities are secure, have great amenities like climate control, and offer a diverse range of storage unit sizes.


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