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Updated Kitchen with White Cabinets, New Hardware, and Energy Saving Appliances

27 Home Improvement Projects You Can Tackle This Weekend

Have some free time this weekend? Consider tackling a DIY home improvement project! Check out the 27 ideas below for inspiration on home upgrades you can make quickly and easily over a weekend!

Incorporate Smart Speakers

Smart Speaker Set Up on a Bookshelf. Photo by Instagram user @unisk.design

Photo via @unisk.design

Think about adding smart speakers around your home! With a simple voice command, you can adjust the lighting, raise or lower your home’s temperature, play music, access security camera feeds, and more! These smart home technology companions are small and don’t interrupt room decor—and they’re easy to install!

Protect Your Home with Remote Security

SimpliSafe Camera Doorbell. Photo by Instagram user @simplisafe

Photo via @simplisafe

Smart security systems are simple to add to your home! Set up some smart cameras outside your home so you can monitor it when you’re away, check for packages, and be alerted to any suspicious activity. You can also install indoor cameras to watch your front and back door, ground-floor windows, and master bedroom.

Reduce Costs with a Smart Thermostat

Smart Ecobee Thermostat. Photo by Instagram user @wholesalehome_

Photo via @wholesalehome_

Want a weekend home improvement project that’ll save you money in the long run? Reduce your energy bills with a smart thermostat! Programmable thermostats allow you to set a schedule based on when you’re home and away and adjust your home’s temperature remotely. Some even have learning features that will pick up on your habits and modify the temperature accordingly. These features make your home more energy-efficient and can save you hundreds of dollars each year. Plus, they’re very easy to install!

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Liven Up the Front Door

Repainting the front door is a simple home improvement project that can make a big difference with visitors to your home, as well as prospective home buyers! Selecting the right color is key. You can make a bold statement and increase curb appeal with a vibrant hue that matches your home’s style and features.

Give Rooms a Fresh Coat of Paint

Bedroom with Gray Wall and Ceiling and White Wall. Photo by Instagram user @the.designerr

Photo via @the.designerr

Giving new life to your home can be as simple as updating the paint! Just make sure you go in with a game plan. What colors match the current furniture? Will all walls be the same color? Will there be an accent wall? Does the ceiling need fresh paint, too? Are you painting your home’s exterior? Check out this guide for choosing the right paint colors!

Paint Trim & Moldings

Freshly Painted Foyer with White Trim and Black Accent Wall. Photo by Instagram user @carpendaughter

Photo via @carpendaughter

Don’t want to repaint a whole room? Focus on the trim and moldings instead! You can add personality and flair to a room by staining the trim a different color or altering a wood finish to a clean, white trim. Painting trim requires only a few materials, so it’s a cheap home improvement project!

Fill a Blank Wall with DIY Decor

White Wall with Four Frames and Light Overhead. Photo by Instagram user @theverestplace

Photo via @theverestplace

If you just can’t find the right wall hanging or painting to tie a room together, make one yourself! DIY home decorations add character to your home and are a budget-friendly way to freshen up your space. Whether you choose to display some of your own artwork, hang a woven tapestry you’ve made, or simply hang items you already have for storage and decor, there are plenty of DIY wall decor ideas that can beautify your home!

Trim Trees & Bushes

This home maintenance task may seem like a hassle, but it’s essential to keeping your yard in tip-top shape! Unruly branches and overgrown shrubs look sloppy and can ruin an otherwise perfect landscape. Pruning is also healthy for your plants, so break out the shears and keep your trees and bushes well-maintained!

Design a Water Feature

Backyard Water Feature with Two Small Water Falls. Photo by Instagram user @bathlandscape

Photo via @bathlandscape

Upgrade your yard with a water feature to add a soothing presence in your outdoor living space! You can choose a ready-made statue, fountain, or birdbath, or you can go the DIY route and build a small pond or create a water feature yourself—there’s no shortage of options!

Plant a Garden

Home gardens not only add natural beauty to your yard, but they can supply fresh produce, too! Start this DIY home improvement project by identifying fruits, vegetables, or herbs you like to eat and that can grow in the climate where you live. Think about constructing a raised garden or enclosing your garden in chicken wire to protect your crops from rabbits and other critters. Then, design your garden layout, lay down some nutrient-rich topsoil, plant your seeds, and enjoy your home-grown food!

Set Up a Rock Garden

Rock Garden Set Up in Front Yard. Photo by Instagram user @pisces2_21

Photo via @pisces2_21

Do you like the idea of a garden, but aren’t sure if you have the time or motivation to maintain it? Opt for a rock garden instead! These DIY landscaping projects look great year-round, require very little maintenance, and can make your yard feel larger. Not to mention, they’re more sustainable for hot, dry climates. Compose your rock garden with a variety of stones to mix up its color, texture, and shape!

Build a Fire Pit

Fire pits are budget-friendly backyard additions perfect for gathering with friends and family or enjoying the great outdoors in solitude. Find a safe space away from the house that’s free of low-hanging tree limbs. Decide on a shape, build a gravel base, and lay down blocks. While this home improvement project might seem like a major undertaking, it only requires a couple of hours and can significantly enhance your backyard!

Hang Window Boxes

Looking for a way to add a pop of color to your home’s exterior? Window boxes are a cost-effective home improvement project that can do just that! Find a decorative box (or build your own) and fill it with flowers like petunias, geraniums, zinnias, and begonias. If you’re feeling really inspired, add climbing vines around the window frame or drape ivy from the box!

Work on Your Putting

Do you wish you could improve your short game in between rounds at the golf course? With a backyard putting green, your outdoor living space becomes the perfect place to practice. Once you decide where you want the green (Be sure to take hills and exposure to sun into account), this DIY home project takes only a few steps and can be completed in a weekend.

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Put in a Backyard Bar

Backyard Bar Area with TV and Large Barstools. Photo by Instagram user @taverns_to_go

Photo via @taverns_to_go

If you enjoy relaxing with a cold drink outdoors, a backyard bar is the perfect home upgrade for you! You can draw inspiration from different backyard bar design ideas based on your interests and passions. As long as this space allows you to unwind and enjoy a refreshing drink, it’s a worthwhile home improvement project!

Add Landscape Lighting

There are few weekend projects that add more curb appeal than landscape lighting. Installing spotlights, path lights, and in-ground lighting allows you to illuminate particular parts of your home and create a sense of drama. They also make it easier for guests to navigate your yard in the dark. Best yet, these lights serve as a security measure, making intruders easier to spot both in real time and with your smart security system.

Create a Pull-Out Trash Compartment

Trash cans are an essential part of the kitchen, but they can take up valuable space and are also unsightly. You can address both issues by making a DIY pull-out trash can. This is a great hidden kitchen storage idea because it conceals the trash can and its smells, as well as keeps pets from getting into the garbage!

Install Energy-Saving Appliances

Large Kitchen Area with New Appliances. Photo by Instagram user @fashionablykay

Photo via @fashionablykay

You can save money on water and electric bills by switching out your old kitchen appliances for new energy-saving models. From refrigerators to dishwashers and ovens, there’s likely at least one appliance in your kitchen you could replace to cut energy bills and reduce effects on the environment!

Refinish Kitchen Cabinets

After years of use, kitchen cabinets can become chipped, discolored, and broken. Give them—and your kitchen—new life with this simple kitchen upgrade! If you don’t want to hire a professional, follow these steps to refinish your kitchen cabinets yourself and have your cooking space looking good as new.

Utilize Open Shelving

Open Shelving in the Kitchen. Photo by Instagram user @theeveryhome

Photo via @theeveryhome

Installing open shelves helps your kitchen feel brighter and more spacious. Not to mention, open shelves are less expensive than traditional cabinets! Turn your gorgeous dinnerware into stunning kitchen decor by displaying them with this simple weekend improvement project.

Modernize the Lighting

Looking to beautify your kitchen without breaking the budget? Replace outdated light fixtures and chandeliers with modern styles like pendant lighting or track lighting. Hang a few large pendants over your kitchen island for a dramatic look, and fill them with energy-efficient light bulbs!

Construct an Appliance Garage

Reduce clutter and hide appliances while hosting guests with this simple DIY appliance garage project! Appliance garages are natural-looking kitchen storage spaces that make small appliances easy to get to, and they can be built and installed in just a few hours!

Give Your Pantry Some Personality

Sliding Barn Pantry Door. Photo by Instagram user @crystal_tara

Photo via @crystal_tara

The pantry exists for functionality and storage space, but why not use its door as a decor piece? From sleek, polished doors to upcycled barn doors and chalkboard walls, there are plenty of pantry door ideas to inspire your weekend home improvement project!

Update the Bathroom Hardware

Updated Bathroom with Blue Painted Cabinets with Gold Hardware. Photo by Instagram user @craven_haven

Photo via @craven_haven

Bathroom faucets, handles, towel holders, and rods tend to get rusty and outdated after a while, but you can fix that with a simple bathroom makeover! Opt for modern hardware that adds a decorative touch. Brushed nickel and bronze are popular choices, while black is a new chic trend!

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Upgrade Your Shower Head

If your shower head is still dumping water in a straight line, you’re missing out on so much of what modern shower heads can do! Shower heads can be used as wands, offer different spray levels, contain LED lights, and more! Some even have built-in wireless speakers that connect to your smartphone and allow you to play music and audio! And if you’re interested in water conservation and lowering your water bill, there are several low flow models you can look into as well.

Add a Backsplash

Updated Bathroom with Classic Backsplash. Photo by Instagram user @bedrosianstile

Photo via @bedrosianstile

On a functional level, backsplashes prevent water and other stains from ruining your walls. But they’re also a great opportunity to add some style to a remodeled bathroom or kitchen! Play around with various colors, materials, and patterns to match the vibe you’re looking for!

Mix Up Your Mirrors

Tired of the generic rectangular mirror? Spice things up with a unique geometric mirror! You can find mirrors in nearly any shape and size, and they come with a wide array of frames and accents. If you want a modern touch, some newer mirrors have anti-fog technology, bluetooth speakers, and smart touch ability, too!


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