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What You Need to Know About Using Self Storage for College

Are you a college student considering renting a storage unit? Whether you plan to study abroad, need a place to keep items over summer break, or want to free up space in a dorm room, renting self storage can be a great solution. Check out these student storage ideas below!

When Should College Students Use Storage Units?

There are several reasons why students might need to rent self storage in college, including summer breaks, study abroad programs, and living in small dorms or apartments.

During Summer Break

Instead of hauling the contents of your dorm room back and forth from your family home or worrying about how you’re going to move large furniture, consider a short-term storage option close to campus. Keep your belongings in a storage unit while you’re away so that they’ll be secure and waiting for you when the new semester begins!

While Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is an exciting opportunity for any college student, but it can leave you in a pinch if you plan to be away for the summer, a semester, or even a full year. Renting self storage can be a great solution for keeping your items safe and near your university!

When Living in Small Spaces

Whether you’re in a small dorm room or living off-campus in an apartment, you might not have a lot of space for your belongings. By renting local self storage, you can move items you don’t need as often to a nearby storage facility and get more space inside your college home!

Which Storage Features Do College Students Need?

If it’s your first time renting self storage, you might not know about the great storage features available for your convenience. Here are some common storage amenities at Storage Express!

Access Hours

Do you have a hectic or unpredictable schedule? Most Storage Express locations offer access 7 days a week, and some even have access 24 hours a day! Be sure to check with our Customer Service Team before renting at a facility to ensure it has an access schedule that works for you!

Short-Term Storage Leases

Storage Express has flexible options perfect for college students who are looking for temporary storage. We offer month-to-month leases so you only pay for the storage period you need. If you’re on a tight budget or need storage for a short time, this is an ideal option for you!

Flexible Payment Options

At Storage Express, there are a variety of payment options available for those renting local storage. You can easily make payments online, by phone, through the mail, or at one of our kiosks. You can also manage your account online and set up auto payments with us!

How Can Students Get the Most Out of Self Storage?

While renting a local storage unit during college, there are all kinds of ways you can maximize what you get out of your student storage experience!

Rent a Unit Near Campus

Choosing a local storage option like Storage Express can make moving large items less of a hassle! Storage Express has several locations throughout cities in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio!

Get the Right Storage Unit Size

Don’t rent more space than you need for your college items! Check out our Size Guide to find the right storage unit dimensions for what you plan to store. Typically, college students only need a small storage unit like a 5×5 or 5×10. But if you have more household items to store, you might need to size up to a medium storage unit like a 10×10.

Store Items Properly in Your Unit

When renting self storage, you’ll want to make sure that you store items safely. You don’t want to overpack your storage unit, as this can make it difficult to get to any items you might need. Learn how to properly pack your storage unit with our helpful Storage Tips!

College Storage FAQs

Does Storage Express insure my belongings?

Storage Express does not insure customer items and isn’t responsible for any damage or loss that may occur. Customers who have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance may be covered. Documents can be emailed directly to Storage Express. If you’d like additional information about insurance options available to tenants, give us a call, and we can provide you with assistance!

What is the minimum rental commitment?

At Storage Express, we require a one-month minimum rental commitment. All facilities have units available for month-to-month rentals, and customers can cancel at their own convenience with a 10-day notice.

What kind of information is needed to rent a storage space?

To rent a local storage unit with Storage Express, we will need the following:

  • Mailing address/email address
  • Two phone numbers
  • Driver’s license or valid state or government-issued I.D.
  • Date of birth
  • Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number
  • 1st month’s rent


Do you need self storage while going to college? Storage Express has affordable, local storage units that can help you get the space you need! Find a Storage Express facility near you!