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Organizing a Home

The Ultimate New Year’s Resolution Guide for Improving Your Home

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to improve your home? There are endless organizing tricks, storage hacks, design updates, home renovation ideas, and DIY projects to help you spruce up your living space. Follow our guide to help you refresh your home in the new year!

Declutter Your Home to Maximize Living Space

Kick off visions for a “new year, new home” by decluttering your home! After the holidays is the perfect time to take inventory of what you have and determine what you no longer need. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can declutter so you can begin the new year with a clean start.

Follow a Home Decluttering Guide

clutter busting tips for decluttering

Plan a weekend to do some major sorting! Once you’ve done the initial overhaul, spend just a few minutes a day tidying your space. Establishing a daily habit of picking things up and getting the whole family to help clean your home can help you maintain your resolution to be neat throughout the new year!

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Declutter Your Life with Minimalism

Woman laughing

Minimalism can help you gain control over a cluttered home and make the most of the new year! Living a minimalist lifestyle means you can spend less time cleaning and stressing over household chores like cleaning and organizing, giving you more time to invest in experiences.

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Try Feng Shui Basics

Fen Shui Living Room

How you decorate and organize your home could be affecting different aspects of your life. Whether you want more happiness, money, success, fame, or meaningful relationships this year, organizing your home to follow feng shui can help cultivate positive chi (or energy) in these unique parts of your life.

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Give Each Room a Design & Organization Makeover

Once excess clothes, shoes, books, and other items have been cleared out, you can refresh your home with DIY home improvement projects, fresh decor, and a streamlined organization system. Start with just one area or move room-by-room to design your home the way you’ve always wanted.

Living Room

Modern living room with chalkboard wall

Have you considered reusing old suitcases as an end table? What about using a ladder to store throw blankets? Refresh your home with living room organization ideas that help you repurpose unused items, minimize the appearance of ugly cords, and keep clutter at bay in your living space.

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Organized kitchen

The kitchen frequently gets overrun with clutter, making daily meal preparation and cooking more difficult. With smart kitchen organization ideas like expandable pantry shelving and storage bins, you won’t have to worry about digging for that oven mitt, measuring cup, or special ingredient at the back of the cabinet!

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Soft blue hues in contemporary bedroom

Want to learn how to organize your bedroom? Whether your sleeping space is in a small studio apartment or a spacious master bedroom, finding the best layout for your space is crucial for home organization. And with a few clever design and organization tips, you can make your bedroom feel extra comfy!

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Towels in wicker basket in bathroom

There’s a way to organize and design every type of bathroom, regardless of size. Under the sink storage, bathroom renovations, DIY bathroom hacks, simple tips for organizing or hiding your products—all of these can help you declutter and get the luxurious bathroom you’ve always wanted.

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Home Office

Nicely Decorated Home Office

Take a step forward in your career this year by trying out home office organization and storage ideas. From choosing the right desk to creating a filing system and keeping track of all your pesky papers, you’ll be able to design a productive work from home space that helps you get the job done.

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Kids Rooms

Kids playroom with toys

Have a child who struggles to maintain a tidy bedroom? Focus on decluttering and designating spots for clothes and toys. Have a teen who’s ready for an updated bedroom? Curate a stylish space where they can retreat. Want to give your kids a place where they can play or study? Design a playroom or a homework zone. No matter, there are plenty of ways to create cute kids spaces!

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Organized closet with spring wardrobe

Some of the best New Year’s resolutions involve simplifying your life by streamlining your closets! Investing in small closet organizers, maximizing vertical space, and using labels are tips that work for linen, bedroom, kids, and hall closets. Find ways to store shoes, toys, toiletries, jewelry, bedding, and more:

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White organized mudroom

Having a room designated for storing shoes, outdoor gear, and pet products could be the key to stopping clutter before it starts! If you don’t have a designated mudroom, create one in your garage, entryway, laundry room, or closet. Mudroom renovations can be as simple making your own shoe cubbies, adding a dry erase board, or buying a bench with storage.

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Organized workbench with tools hanging from pegboard

Update your garage in the new year! Custom shelving, pegboards, and slat walls make for great additions in any garage. Purchase or build your own hanging racks designed to store basketballs, sports equipment, and tools. Utilize magnetic strips or consider drawing the outline of tools to remind you where each goes to help keep your work area decluttered.

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Organized basement with tan couch

Take your basement from boring to functional! Renovate an unfinished basement into a home office, game room, movie room, or a multi-purpose space. Or if you don’t have the budget for full renovations, try simple design ideas like adding an area rug, buying new lamps, or picking a fresh paint color. Installing storage lockers and additional bins can help you keep your home decluttered!

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Bright, organized attic space

Level up your new year cleaning by taking on your attic! Because of the unique shape and low or slanted ceilings, DIY attic storage ideas have to be creative. Brace flooring before adding extra weight with furniture and learn how to make an organized floor plan to transform your attic!

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Storage Rooms

Sliding drawers and pullout storage under stair space.

Ready to make big home organization changes this year? Storage rooms or closets, junk rooms, guest bedrooms, and under the stairs storage areas can all get overwhelmed with clutter over the year, so take the time to go through these spaces and reorganize everything.

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Outdoor Shed

Outdoor shed with lawn and garden tools inside

You can refresh storage areas outside of your home, too! Outdoor sheds can make it easy to find garden tools, safely store the lawn mower, and backyard party games. Using ample shelving, homemade organizers, and reusing old items can all help you declutter your outdoor space.

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Outdoor Living Spaces

Apartment balcony with small table and chair

Add some outdoor living spaces to your home in the new year! With DIY backyard design hacks like using pallets as dividers, adding a built-in cooler to a table, or creating a planter wall, you can make your small outdoor living space look better and feel cozier.

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Transform a Spare Room into a Unique Space

Want to create your dream living space this year? Whether you plan to tear down walls or just rearrange furniture, there are countless home design ideas that can breathe new life into an unused space. Explore these 17 bonus room design ideas to get an idea of what your flex space could be!

Build Your Dream Closet

Young woman looking through wardrobe

Is one of your home renovation ideas to design a spectacular closet? Turn a spare room into glamorous dressing quarters by choosing a color scheme and proper flooring to give your room the right vibe. Wooden hangers, expansive mirrors, and a center island are just a few ways to make this space stylish and orderly.

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Make a Home Library

Modern home library

Whether you want a home library straight out of a fairytale or a cozy reading nook, these design tips can help you get the reading room you’ve always wanted. Functional shelving, cozy seating, and ample lighting can all be used to transform a spare room into the ultimate home library.

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Design the Ultimate Office

Modern home office

There’s a reason so many people turn an extra bedroom into an office! Add a desk with storage, invest in a chair that’s comfy, and install sufficient shelving to a bedroom to turn it into the ultimate work from home space. Not ready to dedicate an entire room to your workspace? You can always combine an office and a guest room.

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Create a Movie Theater

Movie theater room at home

Create the perfect setting to watch the newest blockbusters, or a cozy space for family movie night by building a home theater. Set up a projector, large screen, lounging seats, surround sound, and noise-canceling panels to transform a part of the basement, attic, unused bedroom into the perfect environment to enjoy your favorite films.

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Curate a Craft Room

Woman working on crafts in craft room

The most important part of a home craft room is having ample storage for your supplies! If your flex room doesn’t already have a closet or built-in shelving, buy or build your own organizational furniture. Learn how to set up a sewing room, organize your jewelry-making table, or arrange a knitting corner in a way that shows off your supplies and keeps mess at bay.

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Add a Wine Room

Wine cellar with cabinets

Want to add some elegance to your home during your New Year’s renovation project? Design a wine room to amplify luxury and create a space for your most treasured collections! As long as you can control the temperature and lighting, any room can house a vintage credenza or modern tasting table to bring your wine room dreams to life.

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Set Up a Game Room

Game room with brick walls

Trying to level up your pool game, setting a new high score, or having some more family game nights? Turn a bonus room or unfinished basement into the ultimate home game room. Fill it with your favorite board games, arcade games, video game consoles, or table games to create a space that can entertain for hours!

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Commit to a Home Gym

Girl doing yoga

Want to get in shape for the new year? Don’t let a crowded gym keep you from getting the workout you’ve been craving. With rubber flooring, motivational decor, full-length mirrors, and versatile equipment, you can build a DIY home gym that you will enjoy working out in.

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Craft a Music Room

Modern home music room

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to learn a new instrument? A home music room offers an opportunity for you to privately practice, record, or even perform for your guests. You can even use instruments as wall decor or creatively store and display records to add a unique touch to your home music room.

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Opt for an Art Studio

Bright home art studio

Want to explore your creative side in the new year? Start by designating a spot for creating your art! Whether it’s in an extra bedroom or even an unused closet, make an area for your painting, drawing, or sculpting supplies. Just make sure to include enough shelving and storage for your supplies and tools!

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Dedicate a Dog Room

Cute, white puppy

Build your furry friend a proper room of their own! If you have extra space in a mudroom, basement, or flex space, consider turning it into a dog room where your four-legged pal can have their bed, their food and water, and all of their favorite toys in one convenient place.

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Improve Your Home with Renovation Projects

Conquer all of your big home improvement resolutions this year—even the ones that require more elbow grease! Find home remodeling ideas that will overhaul your space, bring new energy to your living areas, and improve resale value of your home.

Overhaul Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Sunny outdoor living space

Many of the best home renovations involve transforming your backyard into a prime spot for lounging and entertaining. Major additions to your backyard like outdoor kitchens and living rooms don’t just make your outdoor space more enjoyable. They can also boost your home’s resale value!

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Try a DIY Backyard or Garden Makeover

Backyard garden with pink flowers

If you don’t have the room or the budget for a complete outdoor renovation, there’s always fun DIY projects for your backyard or garden that can still have an impact! Build a tree bench, add a water fountain, start a vegetable garden—no matter what you choose, your yard will look great!

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Boost Resale Value with Room Remodels

Navy blue house

Looking for home remodeling ideas? Some of the best home renovation projects including remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, finishing your basement, or adding square footage onto your existing property. While these projects are time-intensive and costly, they can provide great return on investment for your home!

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Build or Upgrade Your Home with Custom Features

Modern living room with stone fireplace

Are you planning to build your dream home this year? Or are you upgrading your current home with more modern features? It’s important to know what home styles, floor plans, and interior features are things home buyers care about the most, as these can have quite the effect on your home’s resale value.

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Organize Your Home for the New Year